As the Apocalypse continues to expand our perception of reality , there are certain subjects that are getting more popular within the collective conversation, such as  The Gnostics.

And for good reason, the Gnostic  perspective, or Gnosticism is at the very core of our awakening process whether we are aware of it or not.

The Gnostic teachings are essentially  “Open Source Spirituality ” all about inner , self exploration, no saviors required, no external gods , no dogma, no indoctrination, no gate keepers, no tides to pay , no donations to make, no confessions , no one has to die becasue their god is better.

In fact there is plenty of historical evidence,  that clearly illustrates how the Gnostics and their teachings were a direct threat to organized religions, and how they themselves were eventually eradicated  by the catholic church and the Roman Empire.

So you see , their is nothing new under the sun , the same players , the same empire still at work with better tools and more humans to indoctrinate.

What is happening today on our planet, as many people  turn away from organized religion and outdated belief systems, we are looking for self empowerment , not enslavement , we want details about the nature of reality not dogma.

The Gnostics themselves actually called themselves the Telesti , the term Gnostics was sort of slang term for “know it all” back then , and was what they eventually became know as , seems a bit ironic of course.
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In part one of  “The Archons” we started the process of breaking down the various ways to approach this type of subject matter so that it can be explored with out the “Fear” filter.

The more we explore the Gnostics and what they call the Archons, it seem as though its simply another name for what we have all been talking about for a while now , you can basically substitute the term Archon with Annunaki, Illuminati Bloodlines, Powers That Be, Evil , Satan , the Devil , Mind Parasites, Wetiko, The Dark Force, and list goes on of words and concepts meant to describe a force that has been plotting against humanity for eons , a force whose purpose is to keep humanity asleep and enslaved.

Well that’s one way of looking at it.

My “feeling” is that its simply they way Gnostics or Telesti chose to explore this idea. Were they real , are they real , sure , it’s all real, that’s what we need to understand , everything is real !

So what do we do about it , about them ….nothing !

Well not quite, I suggest we simply acknowledge “Them” for what they are , and move on , Next !  Once you acknowledge that they are simply playing their part in the cosmic drama , that they are still part of all that is  , and within all that is , and since we are fractals of all that is , then what are we worried about. Being Destroyed ?

It’s all about vibration , if your in vibrational alignment with the idea of Archons , or the concept of being a victim or being controlled by seen and unseen forces ,  then in a sense your still giving power to that construct.

If the concept of evil , Archons , or whatever term you want to give “it”  can be explored form the persepctive of infinite consciousness as if you are an observer , without giving it a specific definition then you can go as deep as you need to, in any direction you need to without any fear at all.
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