In part one of “The Orbs” I shared with you a phenomenon that continues to this day , in fact we have had two more  very dramatic beautiful visits in just the last week , it’s October 2013 and  a high pressure system over the Pacific North West has left skies clear at night , even on the coast which is not often the case this time of year.

Over the years after some initial investigation , I have heard and been told all sorts of stories about what it is we are seeing , however nothing has been proven that’s for sure , I would say the only thing we do know about what they are , is that we don’t know.

One thing that stands out though and from what others have said as well that are seeing the same phenomenon around the world , is that they do appear to like pure energy , or “plasma ” like in nature , many have called them , plasma spheres , and that’s probably a more accurate description ,  and of course there is a resonance there when you think about it within the context of the electric universe .

At the end of the day , they simply exist and there is nothing that can change that , of course there are some that will watch one of the videos and say oh that’s a helicopter, or that’s a satellite or an airplane, and to that I simply smile, it’s perfect example of ,  “not being able to perceive that which you are not the vibration of “.
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