Guest Article By:  Dr. Gary Michael Vasey

While there are many reasons for knowing thyself one very good reason might be that the way you ‘see’ the world – or filter the world – has a very big role to play in how you see reality.

As a rather simplistic example, if I believe that everything is a conspiracy then I will see conspiracy everywhere. Knowing thyself is also about breaking down and ridding yourself of all the conditioning and programming that makes you ‘see’ reality a certain way and in ‘seeing’ or observing reality like that you essentially create reality that way.

You must attempt to break down and discard these lenses that you inherited.

Finally came quantum physics and, in particular, the concept that in order for something to exist it must be observed. The observer is the magician and collapses the wave function to create reality. Perhaps this happens at the quantum level within the brain itself where perhaps consciousness also exists?

The key thing is that when you start to put all of this together, we must come to a startling conclusion and that is that we create our own reality. In my novel, The Last Observer, where I explore this concept somewhat and in particular, this conversation between Edward and Stanley captures a good deal of my thinking;
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Guest Article By:  Dr. Gary Michael Vasey

I wonder how many people who watched The Matrix movie (or for that matter, The 13th Floor movie) and found themselves thinking….”Yes, yes, I’m not alone in thinking this isn’t real at all.” That’s certainly what I was thinking.

Even as a small boy, I always had a sense that reality wasn’t, well, really real! Back in the early 1960’s, I was convinced that I was in a small room attached to a machine.

That machine allowed me to see, feel, smell, hear and take part in this life. I thought that perhaps,everyone else was also having the same experience and imagined rows and rows of these booths with consciousness’s attached to this machine all experiencing and playing in this reality.

Back in the 1960’s as a small boy, I had no idea what ‘virtual reality’ was nor any concept of computers. That makes the idea that a 4 or 5-year old would think that way even more bizarre. Why then did I think that reality wasn’t real?

I don’t know about you but when I think back to being a small child, the world had a magical quality and it seemed that imagination and reality were simply extensions of the same thing.
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