The most powerful state of awareness you can be in is the “Present Moment ”

Of course in reality that is all there is, however the mind has created the illusion of linear time so that we can have a certain type of experience.

A “ Story ” with a beginning and an end. It is the only way that we as infinite beings can experience being finite. And it gives our physical lives more meaning, more expedience more motivation to go through the process we call living.

The concept of time is not a negative thing , it’s simply one of the rules we have agreed to as a collective consciousness. One of the Root Assumptions, like gravity.

Always remember though that physical reality, time , the past, the future are all within our consciousness.

Consciousness is not subject to time , and since we are consciousness, ultimately we are not subject to time.

This is not a belief it is our actual experience. We all know when we are doing something we love , time flies by.

Why ? Because when we are following and living in our excitement , we are no longer creating time !

Conversely when we are not excited about what we are doing , we become bored, anxious, nervous, and unhappy, time seems to drag on… this is the byproduct of creating time.

Of course there are situations that are not pleasant, we all go through adversity, things that are out of our control so to speak.

These are perfect opportunities to practice “Present Moment Awareness” . Because the solution to any problem will only be found in the present moment.

However when you are more able to follow your excitement in this physical life, moment by moment, with no expectation , the effect of time fades. And you truly start experiencing your reality as one big present moment.

Yes you will still use time in a practical way to navigate physical reality, however you will no longer be bound by it, a prisoner of it.

Practicing “Present Moment Awareness “ will empower you and free you from the regrets of the past and worrying about the future.

It will also benefit your experience with others as you become more present with them they will reciprocate, creating more meaningful and joyful relationships.


Living in the Moment is perhaps one of the most important lessons of the Apocalypse .  With all the fear being generated about the Economy and Wars and Natural Disasters its easy to get caught up in the drama to the extent that you become a prisoner of  the future.

In this environment it becomes difficult to enjoy your life because you are worried that you may loose your job if you still have one, or that you wont be able to feed and house yourself. Or you may have money and live in fear of loosing it becasue of the global economic meltdown.

This fear based paradigm we live in is the social engineer’s masterpiece of madness and its running at full steam right now to the point many people are actually starting to learn to live in the moment out of survival. You see how universe uses everything.

When we have no idea what will happen tomorrow, when things are completely out of control and we fear the future , then we see the value of living in the moment , this is our gift from the Apocalypse .

In this way the Apocalypse is showing us the folly of Linear Time , or the false reality of a Continuous Flow of Time .

Of course this paradigm , this belief in a Continuous Flow of Time is perpetuated  here in this reality which makes it easy to manipulate us , so  we are constantly having to plan for future events , while missing the only “Real Event”  , the moment.

One could argue that these seemingly disastrous events are just what the doctor ordered to wake us up , out of our stupor of working and career building and buying houses and sending kids to college so we can all have a good “Future”.

It’s what we have been taught our whole life by society so our love affair with the future is a hard habit to break and seems downright dangerous when you consider all the planning that goes on just to survive each day.

Consider this , living in the future or the past is completely imaginary, not saying its good or bad , I’m just saying that in the moment is where our power comes from.  If we take anything from the Apocalypse , it should be to live in the moment , with your loved ones , and that which you love and live in appreciation for this wondrous experience we are having as universe personified.

Don’t let the false reality of the future rob you of your joy. It is a hard habit to break , but it seems universe is giving us a kick start, whether we want it or not .


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