Guest Writer: Debi Purcell

How To Burn Fat, Feel Younger & Live  Longer – The Secoya Way Practicing Unconditional Love

Everyone I know wants to be strong, skinny, healthy, have more energy, better cardio & have less fat.  Oh and lets not forget about living longer. However how is that even possible with all of the misguided information being thrown in our faces everyday at every corner and Internet search?

The list goes on and on it makes me dizzy !  As an athlete myself  I’ve had a life time of researching and applying the right nutrients and foods & methods to help my cause and I’ve always stood by and still do say “whatever” works for your body do it.

We are all wired differently, so different things will work for different people.

Get over the vegan – non vegan thing, its really not your business to judge what someone else chooses to do or makes them feel healthier or stronger.

If I hear gluten free one more time I am going to rip out my eyeballs  (seriously) I’ve lost count of all the healers and their methods, not saying they cant be beneficial, however from my perspective here’s the deal.

I just returned back from spending time in the deep amazon with a indigenous tribe watching 90 + year old men who have smoked tobacco their whole lives climb tree’s with no ropes like they are 16, and 80 + year old women whacking down trees with machetes like they are 20.
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Living from love does not mean letting the world run over you.  Many people have hardened themselves to the point of being numb to survive in this increasingly challenging world.

Especially these days, as the Apocalypse really unfolds into high gear. The Apocalypse of course is about looking behind the veil of illusion , its about transparency, Especially” when looking at yourself.

We can no longer lie to ourselves about ourselves. Its game on now, it is what it is , and this can be sobering to those who have not done a lot of soul searching in their lives.

So when we talk about living from love , many think it’s “All” about turning your cheek , loving every one no matter what is done to them, it is that , but its so much more than that.

The reason, someone truly living from the heart, in love, “Can” turn their cheek , can love unconditionally is because they simply don’t care anymore.

Living from love allows you to surrendered, to higher self  and know that your a free and clear channel, free from belief systems and dogma,  it will allow you to grow and  become  a more powerful vehicle for divine spirit, or at all that is , or simply more of yourself.

Love has  no concern about being right or wrong , no belief system to defend, no paradigm to fight for, becasue all of those things are still within love , love encompasses all of those “Things”.

Living from love is about really looking at yourself and your definition of things , it questions why do you define things the way that you do, it shines a light in all the dark corners.

No matter how awake we are , or how awake we think we are becoming, this life , physicality as we call it does impact us, it does tend to create filters so to speak, that cloud our vision.

Causing us to define things as good or bad, right or wrong. So living from love is about learning to view reality without any filters, with no expectations or connotations. Its a moment by moment experience.

A  universal perspective , unity consciousnesses , that sees  all situations as simply an opportunity to learn something more about ourselves, no matter where it takes us, even if it is uncomfortable.

This vibrational increase we are feeling ,  towards love , is nurturing our healing and our awakening process.

Living from love is our destiny , becasue we are love ,we are  universe, we are all that is , infinite in abundance.


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