We talk a lot about consciousness these days , and we “attempt”  to define it in various ways, so I thought it might be useful to talk about ideas on what unconsciousness  is to perhaps shed more ” light ” on the over all subject.

Lets say unconsciousness is when you are totally identified with the conditioning of the mind,  when you are so immersed in your role , your narrative, that you actually believe “what ”  you are is your story , this is what also could be termed as the “Human Condition” .

We are not saying the Human Condition is a negative thing , it is simply a type of expression consciousness has chosen for a type of limited linear experience, so in that sense it can be  a very positive thing, all though normally the term is used with a negative connotation.

However like all “things” balance is the key , you don’t want to be so identified with ego, so unconsciousness that you are unable to tap into your higher self, thus creating suffering that you do not necessarily want, although if you do like suffering as many do then that’s OK t0o … of course.

A large percentage of the population is effectively unconscious using this definition , in other words , most people do not see themselves outside of their personality construct , most humans are completely identified , completely focused on the Egoic Mind, the conditioned mind or as I like to call it , the Monkey Mind.
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