Surrender is the Key to Greater Understanding. One of the most important lessons of the Apocalypse is surrender.  It will be very important moving forward to be able to let go completely of your need to control situations , people , or events.

Now is the time to live form love, to live from your heart, to live in the moment.  Intellect alone will not carry you through the changes that will be taking place in this quickening process.

There are forces at work that are trying to steer human consciousness in a direction of their choosing, using this time of increased vibrational  frequency as a catalyst for their own agenda. This appears to be the deeper reality behind the mass drama we are now experiencing.

The Aware observer can see the the obvious manipulation that is being inflicted on consciousness  in  television, movies, music and even the internet to try and guide humanity away from its natural evolution back to unity.

Surrendering the illusion of control will allow each of us to be free sovereign beings so that we can  transmit this new higher vibrational frequency. Fear is why we feel the need to control events. When we surrender to higher self , or the universe, we loose the fear and the need for control.
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Consciousness creates matter ,  matter is subject to consciousness, and one of the most profound illustrations of how we as consciousness effect the matter around us , how we effect the physical world around us with our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and vibrational resonance is the work done by Masaru Emoto and his water crystal experiments.

What I call Vibration Creation !

His ground breaking work gives us a graphic representation of how our vibrational fields, our state of being literally effects the quality of the constructs around us , fear based energy creates chaotic, incomplete ,  unstable forms, while love based energy  produces complex, stable constructs.

This is of course the reason for disease in the body , if your in a state of fear for long periods of time, what I would call chronic “fear based being ” , the cells  in your body will  behave in a similar manner over time , and just like the water crystals in these experiments , the cells in your body will exhibit malformations , what we call cancer and other diseases.

So this is the practical application of awakening , how you can use this knowledge to increase your quality of life, your physical health and your well “being”

His work has been around for quite a while , however there are  probably a lot of people out there still not familiar with it ,  and since it does illustrate how we create the reality around us , I thought it would be good to share it here on Apocalypse How.
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