Are you sick of  War , are you experiencing War Ad Nauseam , then you must be on planet earth , or perhaps more correctly , a version of planet earth that you are still in resonance with,  remember we cannot perceive that which we are not the vibration of, at least to some degree.

Is this really the best we can come up with , I mean it’s 2013 for Christ sakes. The sabers are rattling , Lil  Kim 2.0 is ranting and raving about western imperialistic powers wanting to destroy his country , which has him constantly  looking through his binoculars… for love , in all the wrong places ?

I mean , didn’t we just see this movie last year , the remake of  Red Dawn, I guess the social engineers of the world couldn’t provoke Iran into a war… yet ,  so here they are , yet again, creating the next boogie man for the masses to vent their anger , fear and loathing , to project that garbage into the collective consensus reality to manifest as ugly,  dirty ,  war.

This is the movie the human race has been playing out for a very long time now , this is War Ad Nauseam. What is it going to take for this cycle of madness to be broken ?

Well , for one thing we have to stop providing the ingredients for war to be possible , we as individuals have to improve the quality of our own individuated consciousnesses , so that we are no longer projecting these toxic ingredients into the collective.
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