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Apocalypse Earth

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Sixth Written Transmission Download
March 2, 2014
Via Elizabeth Chaykowski

When you truly understand that you are consciousness and consciousness is energy: When you truly understand that even your bodies are consciousness and energy:

Then you will no longer need to ingest a material substance and convert it to energy to sustain yourselves. Even this need is an illusion of the material world.

If you were to become completely conscious and aware, right now, that you are energy and that all is just energy and that you are surrounded by and part of one energy, you would immediately then sustain yourselves by drawing on this energy that you all are and share as the One.
(


All things are in a state of evolution , including crop circles , in fact crop circles have evolved so much in the last 30 years or so , I don’t know why we are even still calling the Crop Circles, they are anything but circles these days.

The so called crop circles of the 21st century are a highly complex type of pictogram , utilizing advanced mathematics like the  Fibonacci Sequence and Scared Geometry , and their message if you will,  is a essentially coming from the universe itself … or consciousness… at least that’s what I think is happening… intuitively !

Anyone who still believes these complex, geometrically and mathematically perfect designs in the crops that suddenly appear  manufactured by humans stomping about with boards on their feet in the middle of the night , are likely still waiting for Santa to come down the chimney !

There has been an incredible amount of research into this phenomenon ,  and the fact that it is so tangible , in your face and there for anyone to witness makes it the prefect vehicle for communication from the others , whether they be extraterrestrial or simply our own collective consciousness … are a combination of both perhaps … of course in the end,  there is only one being talking to itself … that’s us!
(



WE … are the witnessing presence !  That is the best definition , the cleanest definition , with the least connotations that we can use to describe …what we are !

From this perspective , within present moment awareness we can navigate the Apocalypse with greater ease , discernment and power !

There is so much information coming to us , about who we are , where we came from , where we are going . At some point it becomes very difficult to know what is real and what is not.

At some point it actually becomes …irrelevant !  The witnessing presence starts to see all of our external and internal experiences as simply the content  that … presence … witnesses.

Presence itself is the quiet stillness, the unchanging source from which all content springs forth. Knowing this , is of great importance right now , your ability to stay present and focused with an uncluttered mind ,present  inside the body , will be of great help during times of adversity .
(


What is Tyranny ?  For me,  it’s when  anyone or anything tries to hold Dominion over you. When “anyone”  tries to impose their will on you.

And Tyranny comes in all kinds of shapes and all sizes, there is big tyranny like governments and evil dictators, and there is little Tyranny that each of us have been guilty of.

Since we are fractals of all that is , the outer is only a reflection of the inner, which is why Tyranny permeates reality at many levels. So how do you fight against Tyranny in all of its forms when  this particular paradigm is so  full of tyranny .

First we must recognize that its a disease that has firmly planted itself on this planet.  From those that feel they have the Divine Right to Rule like the elite bloodlines that date back for thousand’s of years , to your family member , or co-worker who wants to make your life miserable because they are unhappy.

How do we cure this disease called Tyranny, there is only one cure , and that is unconditional love, and empathy  flowing through you and around you.  Tyranny is the absence of love.

Tyranny is simply a by product of fear, most of the people that you know or have met who are hell bent on trying to manipulate and control everyone , are usually miserable souls, very insecure and living without love in their hearts.
(



We wanted to thank Cliven Bundy and his family for actually doing something , and standing up against tyranny down there in Clark county Nevada.

The video below needs no narrative , no conceptualizing , the imagery alone inspires us to overcome our fears and to stand together united !

We have nothing to loose and everything to gain in standing up to tyranny in all its forms big and small! Of course in this case the motivation for tyranny was money , greed , corruption.

It appears the whole thing may have been about a corrupt politicians multi billion dollar land deal , a imminent domain style land grab. So far the story is a win for humanity.

Lets share the story with as many people as we can !




Well here we are on a version of earth , where it appears, the desert tortoise is worth killing other humans for.  Now don’t get me wrong , every living thing has a right to expression , and the desert tortoise never hurt anybody.

So why would the evil ranchers want to harm the desert tortoise , I mean come on every one knows what would happen if a cow accidentally stepped on a tortoise , it would be pandemonium , I guess… that or nothing would happen , no that’s not what it’s about, come…on !

I know …I know ….It’s because a few cows would eat all the vegetation on that 600,000 acres , and starve all of those tortoises out of existence , becasue there is so little open land in Nevada , just a few million acres ,  yeah that’s it , that’s what this is all about…right ?

No that can’t be it , it’s becasue the powerless that be really do love those little tortoises , they are so cute and cuddly !  Ok …enough , I think you can feel my sarcasm , anyway , so here we are …welcome to the show.

(

Everybody in the alternative media and even the mainstream  is clamoring about the rapidly growing Police State . With homeland insecurity buying billions of rounds of ammo, police departments rapidly militarizing themselves with cheap equipment from old wars, and politicians talking about gun control and the erosion of freedom… it’s no wonder !

Every year we keep hearing more about how the various agencies in the US are preparing for something   Big !  What we are not quite sure , but what ever it is ,economic collapse , civil war or  natural disasters ,  it will require an army to maintain control over the population of the United States, and of course this is why everyone is talking about the police state.

When I say everyone , I guess that’s stretching a bit , it’s really not everyone , in fact it’s probably only a small percentage of society that is talking or thinking about the Police State , most people are caught up in the never ending smorgasbord of bread and circus provided by the societal engineers , in a ” state ” of fixation  with their  TV shows, Pop Culture worship of rappers, movie stars and sports stars and other Big Daddy Icons , all of which are channeled to them 24/7 via their , Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, and all other manner of techno gadgetry.
(


What happens when you are done with ” The Process”  … well … you die!   OK … just having fun here of course , but the idea is that the process of living , leaning and growing is the reason we are here in the first place, you could even say it’s the reason we as individuated aspects of all that is … exist .

Of  course life is challenging , living on planet earth is not for the weak , it’s a masters course , there are probably beings throughout the cosmos that are watching , thinking , do I want to take that ride, it looks like fun , but why would I knowingly cut my self off from source or even pretend to… what the …hell.

The reason of course is for “The Process” of expansion and exploration of all that is.  Here in physicality , the vibration is relatively slow , so when we want something to happen , like wanting someone in your life , or a nice car or house , there is a process that we go through.
(

Astrotheology or the Holy Science as it is referred to by some is really just the way the Universe Works. And the Universe works in a cyclical manner.

Consciousness Expands, and contracts, we go from the light , back to the darkness, breath in breath out , this is the nature of reality , the nature of the universe.

This is why we are now discovering that civilizations in the past seemed much more advanced than we are today in many areas, because evolution is not a linear progression, its all cycles , this is what the Mayan culture and teachings are all about.

We have been in a phase of less light, less consciousness for over 5000 years and we are now moving into a cycle of rebirth , or more consciousness, more light , again the pattern is always from darkness to light, this is the general theme of what we call physical existence , or the drama of Physical Universe.

This is the game we play, and as you grow in awareness and expand your consciousness, you will go through phases, as you play the game.
(

Guest Article By: Gregg Braden

Excerpts From:  Deep Truth – Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destine, and Fate

Publisher : Hay House

Sometimes it’s a good idea to study a problem thoroughly before we act.

The more we know about a difficult situation, the more certain we can be that we’ve found the best solutions to the dilemma. But sometimes prolonged study is not so good. There are times when the best thing to do is act quickly to survive the immediate crisis, and only then to study the problem in detail from the safety of the time bought by taking decisive action.

Maybe the best way to illustrate what I mean here is with a make-believe scenario:Let’s say that on a beautiful, clear, and sunny day you’re crossing a stretch of highway with a friend in order to get from your house on one side of the road to your friend’s home on the other. Suddenly you both look up after being engrossed in deep conversation and see a huge 18-wheel tractor-trailer rig coming directly toward you.

Instantly your body’s “fight or flight” response kicks in so that you can act. The question is: How? You have to decide quickly if it’s best to move forward, or go back to where you’ve just come from until it’s safe to cross. You and your friend both must choose, and choose fast.
(


We talk a lot about consciousness these days , and we “attempt”  to define it in various ways, so I thought it might be useful to talk about ideas on what unconsciousness  is to perhaps shed more ” light ” on the over all subject.

Lets say unconsciousness is when you are totally identified with the conditioning of the mind,  when you are so immersed in your role , your narrative, that you actually believe “what “  you are is your story , this is what also could be termed as the “Human Condition” .

We are not saying the Human Condition is a negative thing , it is simply a type of expression consciousness has chosen for a type of limited linear experience, so in that sense it can be  a very positive thing, all though normally the term is used with a negative connotation.

However like all “things” balance is the key , you don’t want to be so identified with ego, so unconsciousness that you are unable to tap into your higher self, thus creating suffering that you do not necessarily want, although if you do like suffering as many do then that’s OK t0o … of course.

A large percentage of the population is effectively unconscious using this definition , in other words , most people do not see themselves outside of their personality construct , most humans are completely identified , completely focused on the Egoic Mind, the conditioned mind or as I like to call it , the Monkey Mind.
(



What is knowledge, and does knowledge have anything to do with transformation or the awakening process. I think first we have to define what we mean by knowledge, for the most part I think we can agree that what we commonly refer to as knowledge is really just experience.

In other words anything that we know or have knowledge of is something that we have experienced and when I say we I mean collectively as the human race.

And since knowledge is something that we have experienced, then knowledge is really rooted in the past. We can use knowledge in the present moment but it has its roots in the past.

So when you look at it from this perspective all the collective knowledge that mankind has accumulated for millennia is all based on the past, and since the human brain is in a sense a recorder of experiences, every moment of every day , we are viewing our reality from information that has its roots in the past, so in a sense, when we use our brain and thoughts, we are not really in the present moment.

To be in the present moment one almost needs to go beyond thinking towards  presence, one needs to become the witnessing presence, and in this state of being thought is simply a stream of data, or background noise, it no longer defines us , it no longer pulls us along.
(

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