What is my Purpose ?

This is a question that many people are asking themselves these days.

As we expand our consciousness we begin to see things with a greater perspective. We start to question
the roles we are playing in our daily lives, we start to question… everything !

Many times this expansion brings on a heightened sense that our lives could be more meaningful, that we are somehow
missing out on something… although a lot of the time we are not sure exactly what.

So what is the purpose to life? It’s very simple. To “Be” happy.

We are not talking about the fleeting happiness that one feels with a new relationship or shiny new things.

Material things always lose their novelty, and putting the responsibility on others to make you happy
is impossible and a form a spiritual immaturity. No one can make you happy.

Yes…you can experience happiness in relationships, things and circumstances , however if your
happiness is “dependent” on those things , then the happiness will only be temporary.

Of course our society promotes the idea that we need things to fulfill us, to makes us happy. We see it in
the constant barrage of advertising, movies, TV and popular culture.

However the only way to truly be happy regardless of outer circumstances is from the knowing
of our own being. You see this is the paradox of the physical reality experience.

We are all seeking that, which we already are!

Our primary state before any objective experience, such as a thoughts, sensations or perceptions
is that of simply being aware… or simply “Being”

In most instances of Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, Awakenings etc. there is always the experience
of bliss, of being surrounding by, of actually being, incredible joy , love , peace and understanding on a scale so staggering
the physical mind has difficulty expressing it in words.

This is because once we leave the body we go back to our true infinite nature. However we can tap into that now
during our earthly incarnations and bring that energy here into the earth plane of existence.

You see once we learn to reside in the knowing of our true nature we transcend the idea of purpose completely.
It’s like asking what is the purpose of existence. The idea of purpose is a creation of the mind. Existence simply is.

Once you begin to realize that just being you is the purpose of your life. Nothing else is required, you have it all, you are existence itself, you are all that is
and ever will be. You have always existed and you always will.

This “Knowing” will eclipse all of the societal programming and indoctrination we have all been put through and
you can bask in the peace, joy and love of your own infinite being that you already are.

You will “know” that your purpose in life is just “Being” . Anything you “Choose” to explore beyond that can be done
from a place of true passion and excitement with absolutely no expectation about the outcome.

By “being” in this state you will actually be able to “find and experience” the things that do bring joy and purpose into your life.
You will be able to experience things that are germane to that frequency, that reality.

Your life will become a joyful, happy, story, a performance art, a dance… that is the purpose of life… to dance !


Start Reflecting and Quit Projecting

One of the most important reasons for “Knowing Thyself” and expanding your consciousness is so that you become more spiritually mature.

Spiritual maturity is what this planet needs desperately !

A common example of spiritual immaturity that runs rampant in society these days is what is commonly referred to as projecting.

Projecting is classic neurotic human behavior, that occurs when we haven’t cleaned our house, when we haven’t done the necessary shadow work on ourselves as entities.

People are constantly going around projecting on to others their unresolved conflicts and desires , their unconscious impulses, their fears , their insecurities, their beliefs and definitions which are usually negative or limiting.

Remember…Do not taunt your neighbor with the blemish you yourself have !

The greatest gift you can give the human race and individuals is to shine the light of consciousness on this age old habit we call projecting.

To start the process of ending this habit , is to become intimately aware of your own fears and insecurities so that you begin to “Know Thyself”. Only then can you catch yourself projecting those fears and insecurities on to others and stop the habit.

Once you do that it becomes easier to catch yourself projecting and over time once you’re aware of it you can break the habitual behavior.

When interacting with others it usually comes in the form of judging or telling others what they ought to be doing or feeling.

When you stop projecting on to others , they will greatly appreciate the freedom you are giving them to just be themselves, regardless of your opinion, judgment or interpretation of their actions or lives.

Remember…Energetically what you are doing when you are projecting, is you are forcing your vibration your frequency on to others.

Becoming aware of this process will not only benefit your personal relationships, it will also benefit your own personal state of being.

Because in the process you are shining the light of consciousness on something that has been going on unconsciously for your entire life.

It forces you to look in the mirror and understand yet again , that the universe is simply a reflection of what you most believe to be true about yourself and the world.

It’s time we grow up and take responsibility for the energy that we send out into the universe. Expecting the world to change when we refuse to… is a form of insanity !

It’s time to start Reflecting and Quit Projecting !


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