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As we grow in awareness, as we expand our consciousness, we see more and more of the big picture, the larger reality that we are part of, what Thomas Campbell calls the the “Larger Consciousness System”.

Thomas Campbell’s work has appeared on my radar screen recently, perhaps it’s the next step , the next phase in my journey. His work is centered around the premise that what we call life here on earth is a virtual reality, meaning its a reality that exists within a larger reality, it’s a subset of a larger system.

This concept , this way of describing the nature of reality is in absolute resonance to what I am feeling , to what I am experiencing right now, and has led me to a greater sense of empowerment.

What I love about Thomas Campbell is that he can explain in laymen terms the workings of the universe. Although Thomas is a physicist , he does not allow his training in hard science to limit his expansion , his growth, he is not one of the high priests of the religion known as science, yes science here on earth has turned into a type of religion.

Thomas sees the “laws of nature” as valid , as long as they are viewed as a subset of a larger nature or larger reality. Which makes absolutely perfect sense.

One of the other main features of his work is that he sees “Everything” as data,or information, nothing else, this is also very resonate for myself and many others , as it allows everything to be subject to our own personal interpretation , which is colored by our beliefs, our definitions, and our experiences, in other words it is ultimately subjective.

Because these attributes are unique to each of us , no one is really having the exact same experience , within this virtual reality, or simulation as Thomas commonly refers to it.

In other words we exist in what I call a sea of probability , this is what some may call the unified field , and within this field there are infinite “choices” that can be made , this is a free will universe.

Thomas is also able to bring love into the mix as well , as love is a unifying force , it has the ability to lower entropy, love equals lower entropy , fear equals higher entropy, this is also another integral part of Thomas Campbell’s work that I “love” so much.

The term “Entropy” here is simply being used to define a process that’s in a state of decline , lowering entropy slows the state of decline , so that’s a good thing , from the perspective of a system that wants to survive , to grow.

The idea here is that within all information systems, like the simulation or virtual reality we call life on earth, there are built in survival mechanisms , just like the ones we have as humans. The intent of these systems is to survive to grow into higher more complex systems , the more complex and more organized , the better the chance for its survival , which lowers the rate of entropy.

On the other hand systems built around fear, which is a polarizing force , tend to loose complexity , they fall apart , their entropy increases, all we have to do is look around the “World” today and we can see that the systems that are falling apart are all fear based.

And that’s a good thing , that’s what this simulation is for, this virtual reality is teaching us how to co create, how to manifest a better system, one built on love, empathy, understanding and living from the heart, this is it’s purpose.

And this local system we call the earth and the physical universe, while it grows towards lowering it’s entropy, this also adds to the collective experience of the Larger Consciousness System, so that our actions here are also ensuring the survival of the LCS.

Of course there is no actual separation between the smaller systems and the larger systems , it’s all one system or “All That Is”.

So here we are again , Love is the answer ! No matter how we break it down , we always come down to the heart virtues, of living from love, of living from the heart as the way towards growth and expansion , or as Thomas says lowering the Entropy of these information systems.

Looking at reality this way completely opens the doors, it removes all limitations , it empowers us , and allows the existence of a “Theory Of Everything, becasue all experiential platforms or frameworks are allowed expression within the ever expanding Larger Consciousness System.

All the scientific discoveries from Newtonian to quantum physics can remain valid as simply subsets of a larger system. They are all valid within their own frame work.

Another way to illustrate this is to say that Newtons discoveries of gravity and other “Laws of Nature” are a mountain top , then science moved into quantum physics , yet another higher mountain top , and now we are climbing another even higher mountain with an even greater view of whats below , and we can see a much larger system , a much larger reality , we can still see the mountain tops below , the previous discoveries, they are still part of the topography, they are still valid when looking at the map , but now we see them as just part of the larger system.

This is the beauty of the virtual reality model , it works , and it can be explained in normal language , which means it can be passed on through the oral traditions , it does not require a complex set of terms to be articulated, it does not require complex mathematical calculations, it’s brilliant.

It is also in resonance with many of the voices out there past and present, who are exploring this reality we have found ourselves in , for example one of the main aspects of the Seth Material from Jane Roberts was centered around this theme , it adds new light to what Seth used to always say , “There is No End to the Within of Things” .

Virtual realities within virtual realities, in fact all experiential exploration by it’s very nature needs a platform , a frame work to even have an experience, without a frame work , without a set of root assumptions, without beliefs of some kind , it would be impossible to even have an experience.

So when our physical body, another information construct , when it “dies” do we go to a place that we would call “The Reality ” , I don’t think so , it’s just another construct , another type of virtual reality , another higher mountain top if you will, if that scares you , then its just becasue you are still limited by your definitions, your beliefs .

Check out the books below by Thomas Campbell !

So if this has some resonance for you , then I urge you to check out the work of Thomas Campbell , below is a 9 part video titled “My Big Toe” , essentially this is his Theory Of Everything.

Below is less formal introduction into Thomas Campbell’s perspective of reality, and yes it’s just his perspective, we all have our own unique perspective, that is the point of being individuated , so that we can we increase complexity and lower entropy.

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