Charlie Mcgrath

I started listening to Charlie Mcgrath on you tube back in late 2008 when I came across his channel crabbydogtrix.

Back then I was just a sheeple who didn’t even know what the federal reserve was , not because I was naive , I just hadn’t given it much thought.

Like most Americans I was too caught up in my own personal life making money and buying things to pay much attention to politics or how the world worked on a deeper level, and until 2008 that was just fine.

Something happened that year, not only the beginning of the financial collapse but something deeper was happening. Not just to me but all of us !

And Charlie Mcgrath has been part of that evolution, its funny as the years have passed since 2008 , I could feel the connection with Charlie and perhaps all of us on this path , going through the same awakening process, having the same discussion internally or with friends and then tuning into Charlie only to find him right on the same page.

In a real sense Charlie has become like a brother to me , more so than my actual brother becasue of our ability to resonate on the issues that are in front of us , not afraid to see things as they are. Something we can’t always do with family members who have no desire to peer into the rabbit hole.

Lest face it , waking up is hard to do , it’s not an easy path, and others may not be ready , and that’s fine as long as their desire to sleep does not impinge on my rights in any way.

But if you are ready to wake up , if you do sense that there is so much more to the story than what you are being told then there are plenty of us around to she some light on the subject. And Charlie does just that , he points a blinding spotlight on the madness around us.

Charlie has really been an inspiration to me , to watch a regular guy educate himself about the way the world works and refine it to a seasoned rant that Rivals Alex Jones. And he does it with a passion that very few people have in this day and age.

Of course Charlies rants are not really rants at all they are well articulated , passionate cries of a sane , caring human being who can’t believe the absolute insanity that surrounds us.

Well I’m with you Charlie, as I always say, after listening to one of your videos, I’m with you , we all are , many of us anyway, the ones that are not afraid to look in the mirror and say , whatever it takes this has got to change. Even If it means the collapse of the current system so be it, what we have right now is a totally diseased carcass.

There is no cutting the cancer out of this thing ,the patient is dead , its just hanging on life support, OK now I’m starting to rant , well I’m in good company with Charlie Mcgrath.

Here is a recent video where Charlie lays out the absolute theater that is the latest drama , the debt ceiling increase. Go Charlie we are with you and will try to do our part !

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