Sonia Barrett

Many of the most fascinating voices of the Apocalypse are individuals who seemingly just appear on the scene and Sonia Barrett is one of these people.

In early 2011 I stumbled upon one of her videos and was awe struck at the level of resonance I had with her message.

It seems as consciousness continues to evolve more and more voices begin to transmit this message of reality as a Conscious Mega Fractal Hologram, a self-learning feedback loop of patterns repeating into infinity.

I know that’s a mouth full but Sonia would understand that statement as I am sure many of you will as well. We are creating a new language to describe the nature of reality.

What I love so much about Sonia Barrett is that she is not from academia , she holds no degrees, she is not a self proclaimed guru , she just decided she wanted to learn more about all that is.

Another aspect of her perspective that resonates so well with me is she feels that we need not concern ourselves with saving or convincing others of anything.

In fact this journey that we are all going through is completely unique to the individual and it is Not Necessary ” for there to be a mass awakening for there to be evolution.

In other words what ever evolution occurs in the Individual also occurs in the whole anyway , this is the nature of the Holographic aspect of nature.

Again words get into the way when trying to describe these concepts that are literally beyond words , but Sonia Barrett does an excellent job doing so and has fun doing so.

She laughs often , mostly at herself and is not afraid of sounding perfectly normal and very unsophisticated and these are the very reasons I find her so interesting.

Check out the books below by Sonia Barrett !

For more of her exciting work click here to see her full library of books, DVD’s and CD’s.

Sonia breaks down the concept of humans as “Programs” in this excellent video series below called “Unveiling the Matrix” a perfect title for here on Apocalypse-How !

Here Sonia Barrett Author of the Holographic Canvas talks about Hacking the Reality code on Red Ice Radio.

Here Sonia breaks down the concept of death as a program, our DNA has been altered to allow the death program to run. Very interesting stuff here and for me very resonate when you approach the “Human Being ” as technology that consciousness uses to experience all that is.

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