Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts is a wonderful example of how the awakening process is not based on age or background. Dr. Roberts was actually part of the establishment during the Reagan administration acting as the assistant secretary of the treasury.

As an economist , and former columnist for the Wall Street Journal Dr. Roberts has now become an outspoken “Truther ” when it comes to exposing the corruption and lack of integrity in both politics and the corporate world.

And at this stage of the game there is no real distinction between government policy and the polices of mega corporations, which we know as the “Too Big To Fail” .

In a world where Mega Corporations have bought and paid for most of the politicians, and can get unlimited funding from the Reserve Banking oligarchy , they operate above the laws that the common man must follow or face penalty.

As corporation and Banks get bailed out, the burden of repaying their gambling losses continues to pile up on the backs of the working class to the tune of hundreds of trillions of dollars. Are we any different then the surfs and peasants of the past ?

The Unites States is the last bastion of any type of real freedom on this planet as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts points out.

And the laws that kept us free are quickly eroding as these power elite continuously change the laws and rewrite the constitution to benefit them and their bottom line.

Is this a grand conspiracy or simply greed and corruption running ramped in these final days of the Apocalypse, Dr. Roberts would argue the latter.

Either way the result is the same , it’s time to wake up to the realization that we no longer have an “Organic” Type of capitalism where you get out life what you put into it and you are rewarded for your hard work.

While this still holds true to a certain extent , can you imagine what we could accomplish if we were relieved of the burden of supporting this behemoth we call government and all its wars and corruption and wasted spending on just about everything except what we should be spending on like infrastructure.

We now find the world immersed in a form of Crony , Cut throat , Rigged Market , destructive capitalism where the corporations now have more rights than the actual human being. We have been here before , but not on such a global level.

That’s why I am thankful for the outspoken voice of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, no one can say he does not know what he is talking about or that he is some crackpot conspiracy theorist , in fact most people now can see clearly what is happening.

The question now is what do we do , and that’s where experienced minds like Dr. Roberts can help with solutions. We need all the voices to make the changes we need , from all generations.

Check out the books below by Paul Craig Roberts !

In this featured interview from the Alex Jones Team , Dr. Roberts goes into detail on how the Laws have been eroded, slowly over years, decades even using one of the most powerful tools of the social engineers , “Incrementalism”!

As the Apocalypse gathers speed , outspoken voices like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts are coming into more demand, here Dr. Roberts is interviewed by the Russia Today on why we are in Lybia. I find it incredibly ironic that Americans like myself looking for real news coverage have to rely on Russian Television !

Here is Dr. Roberts on the Alex Jones show in late April 2011, discussing the collapse of the American Empire and how that will play out in the over all Global Chessboard, we call modern Geo-Politics.

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