There are many through out the awakening community who talk about ” The War On Consciousness ” . If your new to this genre of research or just getting started on your journey down the rabbit hole , then Freeman is a good voice to listen to get your feet wet in this idea of a war , or a suppression of consciousness.

I doubt Freeman is his actual name , buts its all we have to work with and his name doesn’t really matter any way , it’s his message that’s important and the information that he is disseminating that is useful in understanding what the hell is really going on down here on planet earth , in physicality , the games that are being played and who the players are.

It turns out there a couple teams down here working with the esoteric knowledge , that is the Magicians and the Sorcerers . The Magicians are ” generally identified ” as trying to make things better , trying to use the esoteric knowledge of the universe to better the experience , while the sorcerers are manipulative , and are using the universal laws of nature to control and manipulate the sleeping masses for their own agenda, which is usually about power and control.

So again we have the two polarized aspects of the same energy , the same over all consciousness at work here , black and white, good and evil , nothing new under the sun , however what differs over time is what form it takes , what it looks like and this is where you can learn a lot from researchers like Freeman , who have spent years analyzing and peeling away the veil of secrecy behind the occult aspects of society.

Freeman’s work delves deeply into what he calls ” Trauma Based Mind Control ” which I would suggest is very similar to the idea of Problem Reaction Solution or the Hegelian Dialectic , think 911, Pearl Harbor, the Great Depression and you get the idea of the types of events or problems that are created to manipulate the sentiment of the populace to agree to increased , wars, and the idea that we need to be governed so that society can maintain it’s integrity , in other words we need big daddy around to make sure we are good little girls and boys and civilization will remain …civilized.

Of course universe uses everything ,there are some half truths in there , not everyone acts civilized , there are still people or aspects of consciousness that are of very poor quality and will act accordingly and with out Law and Order there probably would be a lot of chaos perhaps , although most of the chaos is generated by these programs , again this isn’t about blaming another aspect of consciousness , we are simply exploring the matrix we have found ourselves , the more we understand how it works , the less impact it has on us, we become less easily manipulated by the illusion.

Freeman also delves into the seedy occult driven entertainment industry such as Hollywood , the music industry and television programming , of course these days it’s “so” in your face, one only has to watch a couple of music videos , some movies , or a bit of TV to see all of the blatant programming , hand gesturing and visual symbolism that is being projected into minds of the sleeping masses on a daily basis , it really is quite staggering.

After listening to Freeman in a recent Red Ice interview , I can tell he really knows his stuff and is able to put many pieces of the puzzle together when it comes what is happening behind the scenes , Freeman is a very articulate voice for the awakening process, well worth listening to and supporting in any way you can , so that he may continue to format this data for us in nice bite size pieces, after all most of us do not have the time to do this kind of research , so thank you Freeman for your contribution in the awaking process !


In the video below Freeman is interviewed at Red Ice , here he gives you a broad scope of his work and how it impacts consciousness itself.



Here we have Freeman on Gnostic radio while he discusses the latest celebrity and there use of rituals during their performances to evoke certain energies or entities for the purpose of mid control and manipulation, rituals that have been around for thousands of years, again nothing new under the sun , this is simply the latest format.



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