Adrian Salbuchi

I remember coming across Adrian Salbuchi back in early 2009 on you tube and I found him to be well informed about the big picture not just geopolitics and macro economics but the deeper story,one can always go deeper.

Adrian is from Argentina so he had first hand experience of what happens when a large developed country goes through a financial collapse caused by you know who.

Yes the banksters were there, and now they are just working their way through the rest of the countries on this planet like the parasites they are .

With first hand experience of what happens when greed reigns supreme Adrian has become quite articulate in sharing his perspective of the way the world really works.

No not the nonsense sheeple watch on main stream “Programming”  also know as TV.  He does an excellent job describing this process , that he calls the  “Privatization of Power” also known as fascism.

Adrian Salbuchi is certainly no sheeple , he is wide awake and has inspired many around the world to step up and take action, and that means  , “Non-Compliance”.  And there are 5 basic pillars or actions that Adrian says we should be doing around the world to free humankind from this Elite Oligarchy .

First Adrian says we need to restore the Sovereign state meaning country, second we need to recover the Sovereign Currency , third we need to Reject the Debt based system and tell the federal reserve and all the bankers to take a hike , Ron Paul said so much in front of congress just a couple days  ago , fourth we need to restore republican institutions , and fifth bring back traditional values.

These are all pretty common sense and gets us back to the concept that we need to return to a constitutional republic , where a human being is protected by law and not at the whims of mob rule and corrupt politicians and elite bloodline families , bankers and oligarchs , man have we strayed from the founding fathers original concept.

Not saying I believe this will solve all our issues , but its s start anyway while the rest of humanity grows up and we can evolve to a point where the whole concept of government is outdated , OK probably gonna take a couple hundred years on that one. Not sure I feel like waiting around , I should of read the brochure .

But at least with  intelligent articulate voices like Adrian Salbuchi we stand a chance of making some change in our life times , even Argentina is in much better shape after kicking the oligarchs out and defaulting on the debt they supposedly owed the loan sharks I mean bankers.

So if you would like an excellent overview of  “How the World Really Works ” as Adrian says then check him out. And he also has some excellent solutions if we just get off our knees and stand together.

Check out the books below by Adrian Salbuchi !

Here is Adrian on the Corbett Report , this was in May 2011 so pretty up to date as of July 2011, and he really breaks down his solutions on how we need to stand together and combat this madness.

This is an excellent interview with my favorite host on Red Ice Radio where Adrian covers Zionism & Multiculturalism.

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