Cataclysm from the Greek word Kataklysmos , to wash down .  I find it interesting that the actual meaning behind the word Cataclysm refers to being “washed down”.

The first thing that comes to mind are giant waves “always” seen in modern Hollywood films, and the great flood stories that abound in almost every ancient culture around the world from the Bible to the ancient texts of Sumeria.

While Cataclysm can refer to any type of  “Mega Disaster” , the most resonate within in the human psyche seems to be water based , which makes sense considering we live on a planet that is mostly cover by water.

So naturally any dramatic event on the planet would include the movement of water, and if human civilizations happens to be in the path of water that has been displaced , well just think Fukushima and you have the idea.

Perhaps much of the fear of  Earth Changes and End of the World Cataclysms comes from our past life memories of being inundated with these types of large scale events , when Earth was younger and life on planet earth was much more volatile.

Many believe humans have been wiped out a number of  times over millions , perhaps billions of years during this whole experiment we call planet Earth.

Maybe its a way to clean the slate, a way for humanity to start fresh again, although I’m thinking it’s more about probabilities and cycles within the expansion of consciousness.

What if all things exist simultaneously , and there are infinite  earths exploring infinite combinations of beginnings and ends , some through self destruction , some through cosmic events, and some versions of humanity make it to golden ages that last for thousands of years.

These are all played out within this cosmic soap opera we call physicality, duality, polarity.

So why do we seemed to be drawn towards destruction , why are so many preppers planning for the end of the world as if its the latest fad, or fascination.

I can  admit to a certain morbid fascination of various dooms day scenarios where I am forced to live off the land and survive the post Apocalyptic landscape , however the reality of a life on the edge of destruction , without hot baths and clean sheets could get old real quick.

So from a deeper persepctive , while many of us talk a good game , none of us “Really ” want to give up our creature comforts that technology provides, it would  be nice if we could find an abundant source of energy to fuel the new golden age, so we can eliminate the control mechanisms currently keeping a select few in power.

And that may be exactly why many are so focused on cataclysmic events, they almost want them to come , so that their mundane lives can at least have some distraction , and  it would put everyone on equal footing, any survivors of a large scale event would all be thrown back top the stone age in theory.

At the end of the day it still comes down to a choice, what do you resonate with. As we move further into this awakening, and more dates, and predictions of “the end”  pass by with out incident , many of us are realizing that we are shifting.

As we grow in awareness and expand our consciousness ,we begin to realize that we are in fact creating the very reality around us, we are part of the co creative process, on an individual level as well as a collective level.

We start to see that , the past and future are simply aspects of the “Infinite Now” , and we become more adapt at shifting to versions of the “Now” that we are more in alignment with.

Nothing is written in stone , there is no cataclysmic destiny that we must all face, so don’t get caught up in the hype , the fear , the latest fad.

2012 is simply an opportunity, to make a choice , positive or negative, light or darkness, love or hatred , Expansion or contraction, it can be your finest hour or your greatest nightmare.

So here you go , here is a great little vid, get it all out of your system , romanticize about it , fantasize about it , and then ask yourself … is this …what ” You really Want ” ?

It’s the End of the World , as we know it , and I feel Fine , fantastic , never better , everyday !


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