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Man …this global warming is cold !   I know its crazy , with all the warming going on I have gone through more firewood in the last 3 months than I would have normally gone through in 3 winters !

Jeeze … can we just trash the whole global warming thing , I know Al is going to be sad if we do , because he did invent global warming , or was it the internet , I don’t know.

Either way after the last polar vortex and  blizzards  with sub zero temperatures across the country … I think it’s time…we come up with a new name.

Oh I know , some are calling it  “Extreme Weather ” , well that fits , but this isn’t the X games here , were talking devastation on a global scale, California is in Extreme Drought right  now , in a state of emergency …and its only February … just think what August is going to look like .
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no snow


The Snow The Wouldn’t Melt !   What … the hell… snow that doesn’t melt , snow that turns black and smells like plastic when heated  !

It all started yesterday January 29th after much of the United States was blanketed by a winter storm that pushed snow fall into the southern regions of the country , places that don’t normally get snow all that often…unusual yes.

Videos have started coming in from all around the country of people trying to melt the snow that fell yesterday using lighters and blow torches… I know it’s crazy.

In some cases with using only a small bic lighter the snow does not melt at all and in some cases starts to blacken , as if something in the snow was burning , in fact people are reporting that it smells like plastic… yuck !

When blow torches are applied to the snow , it seems to just evaporate slowly with no melting what so ever, very strange indeed.

Although it’s probably just the normal effect of a flame on snow , I don’t know , no snow around here to test but it makes for great diversion on a snowy Thursday afternoon.
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Well this “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” has officially made the headlines , the Governor of California came out and issued a state of emergency … and it’s only January… the middle of the normally rainy season !

One look at Lake Shasta in Northern California in the picture above says it all !  Ouch … that is not pretty !

If you take a look at the US Drought Map you can see that most of the western half of the country is at some level of distress, with California at Extreme Level and Oregon already at Severe .

I think we can classify this as a fairly major situation underway and place it in the “Earth Changes” section of the site , along with things like the Japan Earthquake and the extreme and odd weather patterns we are experiencing globally .

This High Pressure ridge parked off the west coast of North America that has been dubbed the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” has the so called experts scratching their collective heads , no one really has an answer as to when this things is going to go away and allow the normal flow of moisture to return , sadly the wet winter months are already behinds us… it’s not looking good !

Going into to the summer months in this condition is going to be unlike anything we have ever seen in modern times. What does mother Earth have in store for us , I don’t know , no one does, I know universe uses everything and I am trying to figure out what  the silver lining is in this slow motion disaster.
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Have you heard about this !  Have your heard about the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge”… well let me tell you my story !

As I chop more wood for the stove , I am in awe at the amount of wood I have gone through in the last 2 months , November and December were the driest coldest months I have ever experienced here in the PNW , and those that have lived here for 50 years would also agree.

For those that don’t know , PNW is the acronym for the Pacific North West , which is usually a temperate climate , and in my little neck of the woods , its technically a temperate rain forest , where normally we get over 80 inches of rain a year , I said normally, although I don’t think that term really applies anymore … to anything !

So we have been freezing up here and we haven’t had any rain to speak of ,  and I have gone through at least 5 cords of wood in 2 months to  keep the house warm and toasty , if you were to pile up 5 cords of wood , it would be one hell of a big pile .

Normally … we would have gone thorough less then half of that , as it would “normally ” be raining with temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s.
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I know … you can’t make this stuff up , the global warming scientist are stuck in the ice , how the hell did they let that happen , well I think we can put the whole global warming farce to bed finally …here we are post climategate , clearly things are not what they seem , how about we just call it Global Extreme Weather and leave it at that.

Everywhere around the world , rain , cold , snow , heat records are being broken , the Sun has gone on vacation , with little activity and nothing is “normal”  anymore , whatever that was.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have had no rain, only cold frigid weather for months now , the old timers have never seen anything like it,   in fact the entire western part of the united states has been under the effect of a large high pressure system that just won’t go away , which has effected the normal flow of moisture , the results… we are too dry and  too cold!

Then of course comes the Polar Vortex that is hitting the upper half of the country right now ,sending temperatures plummeting, and blanketing a large portion of the country in snow and ice .

Videos and images are coming in from all around the country reminiscent of the  “The Day After Tomorrow”   , where a giant super vortex storm pulls air down from the upper atmosphere and flash freezes everything in site , not making any predictions here but the extreme weather seems to be on the rise.
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I don’t know about you but  I’m getting a bit burned out on the whole doom and gloom 2012 thing  , the year it all Ends.  I understand it makes a good marketing strategy , but some of these guys may want to consider a new gig.

I mean after all we are already in the spring of 2012 , and guess what we are all still here.  But hey it made for good entertainment and contemplation.

That being said there is no doubt we experiencing a shift, a shift in consciousness, and  even a magnetic pole shift as well as an actual axis shift, albeit very slowly , which is good,  , the earth is simply going through its vibrational change, and so is the solar system and the galaxy and yes the whole universe, and us , since we are the personification of universe.

We are all experiencing the changes, the cycles , this is the nature of reality,  but this whole end of the world stuff is really quite adolescent, considering we are all internal , infinite beings.

The idea behind the Doom and gloom , pole shift, end of the world scenarios is really just a choice, a channel on the cosmic TV screen , becasue in reality all things are occurring simultaneously.

And that’s what the apocalypse is all about , its about understanding that the nature of reality we have found are self in , its all about allowing expression , about inclusion , so if you want to experience cataclysm , then by all means , do so , join the collective that wants to have that experience.

In this  cosmic amusement park we call physicality , all the rides are free, so take a ride on the cataclysm roller coaster if you like, we all have before , I know I have , it was exciting , I got to experience  pole shifts and nuclear destruction , you name it its all there for your enjoyment.

However if you have been there done that so to speak , like many of us have, perhaps this time we choose a reality where we come to the realization that we have a choice individually and collectively in the co creative process.

Perhaps many of these Cataclysm junkies are  in it to make a quick buck , or they may well be suffering from a sort of cataclysm phobia where they remember their lifetimes , experiences where they did participate  in those dramas, and there is still a bit of residue left that still resonates for them , something they still want to  dabble with , sort of an addiction to cataclysms perhaps.

Nothing wrong with that , all things are allowed expression , that’s how loved we are , that’s how infinite and abundant the universe is , it creates all experiences in infinite combinations for all to experience, there is no limitation what so ever.

So the question simply becomes , what do you want, what do you want to experience, and how will you define those experiences.

From my personal persepctive, at the center of my universe, it appears that , while we are being told the world is going to end , in giant solar flares , earth quakes, title waves , nuclear war,  comet impact, economic collapse, the “reality” isn’t quite so dramatic.

Yes mother earth is changing, and as she does so , some of the inhabitants have been disrupted and have even perished, but the world ending is pure silliness.

People die everyday, its part of the deal , part of this game . So when December 21st 2012 rolls around and we are still here , watching TV, playing with our IPads, going  grocery shopping , driving to work , do be too surprised.

That being said there are changes going on , the earth does seem to be shifting, there is increasing activity in the sun , there are planetary alignments occurring , there are powerful forces at work , no doubt about it.

All amazing , exciting things are happening, and some are so powerful that some humans might get swept away, oh well , it’s not like they can’t come back , tickets are free !

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2012 is certainly a year for strange weather phenomenon.

Having experienced this high strangeness first hand during a freak snow storm here in the Pacific Northwest earlier this year , I can only imagine what it’s like to experience 4 feet of hail in one storm.

This is what happened on April 11th 2012 in the Texas Panhandle. Evidently a thunderstorm super cell stalled just north of Amarillo Texas and dumped 2- 4 feet of hail , just like a big ice maker, covering highways , stalled vehicles and causing flooding like no one has ever seen before , unprecedented is the word .

Already this year we have seen some of the strongest Tornadoes we have ever seen wrecking havoc on the population. This climatic change we seem to be going through is effecting everyone , all over the world.

It does make sense that if we are in a period of increasing energy, and the earth shifting on its axis , we would naturally see increasing weather phenomenon , stronger storms , more intense heat , more intense cold .

Whether it all adds up to anything other than just strange I don’t know. It does appear to be part of a pattern ,although and we don’t need to define it as scary or a negative thing.

It’s just mother earth going through her changes , all we can do is get through it or move out of the way if possible. No matter where you go on the planet your likely to be impacted in some way by this extreme weather.

So its not about trying to escape it necessarily , it’s more about learning to cope with it. It will be interesting to watch as we move forward and I will add these events to the “Earth Changes” section as we move through 2012 and beyond.

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