George Kavassilas

While checking in with Project Camelot I cam across a new interview and was introduced to George Kavassilas for the first time. George tells a story of abduction from a very early age because of his unique genetic heritage.

George has a very down to earth manner and has no problem acknowledging that everything he says or talks about is simply his perspective.

Which is refreshing given that some voices out there tend to fall into the trap of making definitive statements about things , which is usually contradictory to their message.

George refers to each of as “Walking Universes” which is very resonate with my idea of us being “Universe Personified” meaning the “Human Being” contains DNA from many races, perhaps all races as George suggests. .

George adds a fairly unique twist to the purpose of the “Humane Race” or human race. Suggesting that our DNA consists of genetic code from all races in the universe. Wow that’s a bit of a bombshell , he goes on to say that the reason for this is that it allows all races who want to incarnate into this collective experience to do so.

So we have one vehicle the “Human Being” that is capable, vibrationally, of handling the incarnation of beings from any race so that we can gather here , in this moment for the grand evolution of consciousness.

I have to say there does seem to be some resonance with this idea for me, and it does make a lot of sense from a practical universal perspective.

So with all that said there is nothing really for us to become or to achieve from this perspective except to get up off our knees and and remember what we are and to regain our connection to all that is , and not allow ourselves to be steered in one direction or another by others who stand to benefit from the manipulation of the human race.


Check out the books below by George Kavassilas !

If you have an interest furthering this discussion¬† check out the interview below with Kerry Cassidy and sit back with an open mind , but more importantly with an open heart, in fact tell ego to go somewhere for awhile , it’s not needed right now.

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