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When it comes to the control mechanisms on this planet ” Religion ” is at the top of the pyramid of control structures , which is why we need a voice like Joseph Atwill to take the time to break it down for us in byte size pieces so we can make the connections on our own , and see what resonates, and for that , thank you Jospeh !

There is a big stinking heap of lies that have been fabricated in this virtual reality we call physicality , perhaps to make the game of life a bit more challenging ,more interesting , and Religion is one of those lies , of course universe uses everything , nothing is black and white , and ” nothing ” is wasted !

For example with regards to this big lie , there are cases where those involved in Religion and Religious groups have done and are doing good things on this planet , out of genuine desire to help , and from love in their hearts for other people , however there is usually a line of truth through every big lie and that’s what makes it so powerful , and in this case the line of truth is the ” state of being ” that Jesus actually represented , his vibration , his being , he never said “Follow” me , he said “Be” like me , which simply meant be self realized , be the infinite powerful co creative being that you are.

The” lie ” of course , is the Man Made Religions that have sprouted up around the “idea” of Jesus that separate the creator from creation , that require an intermediary like the priest cast , preachers , the church ,organizations who profit from the “followers” , and the wars that are fought over religion by the followers, its the perfect divide and conquer tool , Religion is a massive psychological operation , it’s pure propaganda !

To break down the ” Religion Construct ” is no easy task if your goal is to educate the masses on how it was done , and how it continues to this day as a very powerful control grid for those who “buy into it ” , and Joseph Atwill is at the forefront of this challenging , paradigm shattering process, with articles springing up everywhere about his “very ” controversial work !

Joseph Atwill is described as an American Bible Scholar in some recent MSM articles , although I would give him a more universal title , more like an alternative history researcher , you see history is always written by the victors on this planet , and in the case of Jesus Christ and the bible , the victors of that time would have been the Romans and of course their counterparts today , the Roman Catholic Church continues to propagate the lie for the purpose of “Control”.

Some of the paradigm shattering revelations coming out of Joseph’s work is that the “Story” of Jesus , and subsequent religion that was fabricated was essentially a propaganda tool created by the Roman aristocrats at the time to pacify the subjects, the populace of that time … sound familiar , now we call it Main Stream Media , Pop Culture , materialistic diversion …it’s all bread and circus man…nothing has changed , welcome to the show , instead of gladiators we have football at the coliseums.

This is system we are living in now ,you know do as the Romans do , and all of that hogwash is still with us , we were all born into it , indoctrinated into it , it has been around for thousands of years , nothing new under the sun , so lets thank Joseph and the voices like him who are taking the time to break down and expose the psyop !

Check out the books below by Joseph Atwill !

Below are some great vids with Joseph Atwill as he does his part in the unveiling process ,The Apocalypse !

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