Joseph Farrell

When talking about Joseph Farrell’s work I have to acknowledge that I personally have only watched a few of his videos and I have not read any of his numerous books.

But from what I have heard I can tell you that he is fascinating  to listen to and many of his ideas , conclusions and theories resonate with the over all discussion being had in the awakening consciousness.

He is a prolific author in the field of ” Alternative History” where he delves in to a myriad of subjects such as Alchemy, Physics , Finance , Hitler , The Nazi’s, Sumerian Culture and the list goes on and on and is almost endless.

With a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, Joseph is obviously well educated and has devoted his life to answering questions most of us just don’t have the time to ponder , so I thank him for his contribution to the Apocalypse.

Being fairly new to Joesph Farrell’s work I don’t know exactly where to steer you in regards to what his “best ” material is but once you get started with him I’m sure you will find time to explore his material in depth.

Check out the books below by Joseph Farrell !

In this video Joseph gets into the concept of an ancient Cosmic War  that has been raging  for millions of years .

In this Red Ice Radio Interview Joseph Farrell talks about Babylon’s Banksters & Nazi International , the premise with Josephs work on the Nazi’s as well as many other researchers is that Germany may have lost the war , but the Nazi’s live on. All one needs to do is look at the current US government / Military Security Complex to see striking similarities can you say ” HomeLand Security ” !

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