Barbara Hand Clow

Babara Hand Clow is fairly new to me , I have not listened to her as much as some of the other voices here , but from what I have heard, there is a lot of resonance for me.

She is very familiar with the work of Carl Calleman who I also enjoy very much, Carl Calleman is an expert in the study of the Mayan calendar and 2012 , well 2011 actually , Callemen thinks 2011 is actually 2012 but that’s a whole other discussion.

I will be listening to more of her videos and commenting on a later date , but she seems to have a persepctive that resonates with me personally, you will have to judge for your self.

Check out the books below by Barbara Hand Clow !

Below is a interview on Red Ice Radio.

Here is another interview where she gets into dimensions and practical applications.

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