Relationships are the reason we are here, we are  talking about all types of relationships , not just spousal relationships but all of them  all relationships are a reflection , just like all of universe is a reflection of our state being, our beliefs and our definitions.

Right now a lot of people are experiencing challenges in their relationships because of all the  adversity in their lives, primarily becasue of money and financial problems, that’s a big one right now ,   people are  loosing their jobs, or can’t find a job , they are loosing their homes, everything they have worked for is gone , this creates fear , which gets reflected in relationships.

Another challenge in  relationships right now  is the fact that we are going through a pivotal shift in consciousness , and with this increase in vibration and energy there is an uptick in anxiety as relationships can become more polarized than normal ,in other words the differences between people that in the past could have been over looked are now more pronounced , more obvious perhaps .

One of the most common challenges  we see right now, as it applies to the awakening process ,   is when one spouse has decided to embrace these changes , this awakening , by proactively expanding their own consciousness , through study , research, meditation , or what ever form they use to become more expanded ,  more of who and what they are , and their partner does not share their same passion.
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In part two of relationships , I wanted to continue the discussion about one of the most important reasons we are here on this  planet… Each Other !

Although from a greater persepctive , there really is only me , and  everyone else is simply a reflection ,yes of course , you exist ,  like me , but I only experience my version of you , and of course you only experience your version of me.

OK… I know that sounds a bit egotistical , and for many it doesn’t seem … well… real , it sounds like an ego that’s gone wild , and of course its a very abstract idea , very subjective, yeah that sounds about right for my universe.

I guess the point I am trying to make here again about relationships is that they are a ” Reflection ” , which is why they are so important for growth and expansion , they allow us to gauge our development , to see  ” how ”  we have grown, where we have grown.

Have you ever tried to get dressed up,  to go out for dinner  , or got to work , have you tried to comb your hair , shave , do your make up with out a mirror … you need that reflection… to see how you look , to see the changes you have made , to see that the actions you have taken to get ready actually paid off  , without the reflection , you don’t  “know” !
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