Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura is quite a story to tell , Governor , Navy Seal , Hollywood Actor and now with his latest prime time show Conspiracy Theory Jesse is telling the public things that will “Blow your Mind ” !

And Blowing peoples minds he is,although not so much for those of us that have been awake for awhile.

Most of the subject matter on his show is pretty much common knowledge for those of us who have been down the rabbit hole so to speak.

I would say his show is a great place for the uninitiated to start , a place to get cold water thrown in your face and told to wake up sleepy head, the world is not what you think it is !

The first couple of seasons have been a great success and already the powers that be have been getting nervous and starting to put the heat on the producers of the show and even Ventura himself.

With recent interview on Russia Today , Alex Jones and other venues, Jesse is coming out as a Patriot who’s ideology transcends the “False Left Right Paradigm ” . He is telling people the best way out of this mess is to quite voting for Democrats or Republicans , they are both bought and paid for by special interest.

Jessee says vote for anyone else , in fact he may be saying, vote for him in the upcoming 2012 presidential race , with Ron Paul as a possible running mate. so maybe the “Sexual Tyrannosaurs” could be the next commander in chief. Crazy I know , but hey from what I have seen from Jesse , it would be better than what we have now.

Check out the books below by Jesse Ventura !

One of the most hard hitting shows so far was the one below about the Police State being built around us, can you say Fema Camps, Fusion Centers and the rise of the 4th Reich !

And another one of my favorites was the one on Wall Street highlighting the damage done by this mafioso bunch, including the Federal Reserve and corrupt Politicians.

And of course we have to include the Episode “Apocalypse 2012” just for fun!

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