Anthony Peake

If you want to journey deeper into the Nature of Reality , then Anthony Peake is one of the voices out there that is taking it to the next level , literally.

It’s an absolutely joy to listen to Anthony’s perspective on this subject , he has done his research and he does an incredible job at articulating the concepts that are being discussed in the larger conversation we are having about who and what we are as Human Beings.

Even main stream particle physicists like Steven Hawking are saying the same thing , reality is an illusion, and that consciousness is really the only “true” substance of the universe , in other words Consciousness creates matter , by the act of observation , by our intent and attention.

Anthony also talks about the idea of infinite parallel realities , which is an area that is especially fascinating , becasue it encompasses the idea that we are also mulit dimensional beings and that everything is happening in the present moment, and linear time is simply a construct, created if you will by the collective , a type of root assumption , a belief system , that exists in this virtual reality construct we call physicality , which is really just another type of dream , the purpose of “Time” is so that we can have certain types of experiences, so that we can have stories with beginnings and ends.

This is our nature , this is what we are , we are consciousness ,we are immersed in an ” ocean of zero point energy ” and when we observe, when we go looking in expectation , this energy coalesces into the larger atoms and molecules that form the basis of what we call the physical universe.

Anthony’s work also mirrors , ( pun intended ), the idea that universe is simply a reflection , that universe has no choice but to reflect back to us what we believe to be true , which is why it is important to look at your belief systems , and definitions to make sure that they are serving you in a positive way , for they act as the template for the process that Anthony is talking about , they become the building blocks for the reality you will be creating as consciousness .

As we become more expanded , more integrated , we can experience more of the larger reality ,the entire universe is now inside our personal reality sphere , and we find we are all headed towards the same realization , and that is , that ultimately , consciousness and energy , or conscious energy is what we are , that’s our true nature , we are both Co creators and the creation itself , the observer and the observed , we are the personification of universe, there is no separating the creator from the creation any longer as main stream science has tried to do for so long.

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This is really brilliant stuff, take the time and really sit down and really listen , and take it all in , if your like me you’ll find a lot of resonance here with Anthony Peake.

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