Jim Marrs

Jim Marrs is an author and old school conspiracy researcher and is well known for his work in uncovering the lies and inconsistencies regarding the JFK assassination.

This is actually a good place to start on your process of awakening , because you can see how this process has been going on for generations , incrementalism they call it.

Jim makes the point that every president that has gone up against the Federal Reserve or the “Banksters” as they are commonly being called today, ends up dead.

This should clue you in as to who is actually making the decisions on this planet and its not the governments of the world , just follow the money if you want to know who is really running the show !

JFK  may  have been one of the last semi real presidents we have had in our lifetimes, clearly all the presidents since seem to be nothing but puppets with no real power.

Jim is very well versed in the workings of the social engineers and how they manipulate all aspects of our society which may help you to understand how we got here.

Jim says we never really escaped the clutches of the British Empire, even after the American Revolution , and what we have now with the American Empire is no different and seems to be run by the same bloodlines.

Check out the books below by Jim Marrs !

With his classic Texas drawl Jim Marrs brings his good ole boy persona to a wide range of topics that surround the apocalypse or unveiling of the old paradigms.

Here is a recent Jim Marrs Interview with Red Ice Radio where he covers the current pillaging of the world by the banking oligarchy who of course are nothing but minions for the globalists who work for the blood lines.

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