Carl Calleman

Carl Calleman’s work on The Mayans and their calendars is absolutely fascinating. He breaks it down as the evolution of consciousness , a 16.5 billion year journey , at least this time around. Based on his calculations the end of the calendar is actually 2011, well here we are , so we shall see.

But again its not the end of the world , please , this is a no drama zone, but the end of a cycle. Which is why I like his work , I tend to repel fear based messages , not because I am afraid but because I don’t see the point in feeding into those programs.

Carl Calleman has inspired many into the research of the Mayan calendar as well as bringing to light some of the best insight and interpretations about what the calendar is and what it meant to the Mayan people.

His persepctive is , that over all , there may turbulent times ahead but its not the destruction of the planet , more like a shift to a more unified state of consciousness out side of polarity consciousness.

Check out the books below by Carl Calleman !

In this video Carl Calleman talks about Money and the Mayan calendar.

Here Carl Calleman Does a more recent Interview with Red Ice Radio’s Henrik Palmgren ,I like Henrik’s interviewing style he is very intelligent about most of the subject matter , and allows people to talk without interruption.

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