Matt Presti

Matt Presti , artist , musician , philosopher, and a student of Walter Russell, has recently been added to the growing list of individuals I admire and respect.

Matt has created a video series on Russellian Science that really helped me to get a better understanding of the concepts depicted in Walter Russell’s books and writings.

There are always new revelations around the corner for those of us that are not afraid of being wrong, there is no end to the journey , no conclusion , no final summation.

And for those of us that are passionate about understanding the nature of nature ,we frequently jettison beliefs that no longer serve us , that create limitation, and that’s a good thing, we go where the data takes us.

When I discovered the works of Walter Russell earlier this year, I eventually came across Matt Presti and Robert Otey’s video series on the subject.

Matt’s work has helped me by taking Walter Russell’s work , also know as Russellian Science and putting it into bite size pieces that are more easily digested , and for this , I thank him dearly.

Of course the main theme if you will , of Matt’s focus is the exploration of consciousnesses,which is where we all end up eventually, becasue ultimately , that’s all there really is , everything else is simply an expression of the one, all that is , god , what ever term you want to use.

There are many researchers popping up during this Apocalypse ,and I am noticing a common thread in these individuals, they are not typically university graduates, they are mostly self taught ,they are not brain washed academic zombies who keep repeating the same half baked theories.

They are people like you and I, who have a passion to go deeper into the nature of who and what we are, and are not afraid to be wrong, not afraid of starting over if it means a greater understanding, a greater knowing , this is what can be accomplished when one explores with the heart , instead of the ego.

So take some time and enjoy Matt’s music , his artwork , and get to know this very resonate voice of the Apocalypse.

Check out the videos below by Matt Presti !

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