Many of us  have heard the term Indigo Children over the last few years , it has become a very popular topic for discussion within the awakening conversation.

The term was coined decades ago and the concept became even more popular as the New Age genre grew in popularity during the 80’s and 90’s .

Indigo Children are described as creative, eccentric, independent and impatient with the status quo. This of course describes most of  us who have awakened from the slumber and are exploring the nature of reality.

There are many veterans of childhood right now who will fall under the category of Indigo children , I don’t believe its actually specific to children.

However it does make sense , that as consciousness grows and evolves like it has been doing , souls coming into physicality in the last 20 years or so would have a distinct advantage, as they would have immediate access to the higher vibrational energies , than say souls coming in to the world 100 years ago.

Of course from a greater perspective , everything is happening simultaneously , so the concept of an Indigo Child is really just that , a concept, a way to explore , a way to experience physicality.

So in reality we are all Indigo Children, we are all special if you will , there will however , always be those who exhibit abilities that we find amazing and inspiring, and that is the purpose . To Inspire.

As Consciousness goes through this current cycle , this evolutionary upturn , we will see more and more of this Indigo type behavior being exhibited by children and Adults.

More creativity, more joy , more energy, more compassion, more empathy , more unconditional love.  The Indigo energy is simply us becoming more of what we are.

The Documentary below is great intro into the idea of  “Indigo Children” .  There are some wonderful , and incredibly talented children in the film , there is no doubt that they are special  , just remember though , so are you, live each day as a child , in the moment , full of wonder and appreciation for creation.


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