Stewart Rhodes

Stewart Rhodes is one of the most vocal of the ex military out there, when it comes to unveiling the illusion that the growing police state is there for our protection.

Many AmericansĀ  have already figured out that the whole intelligence apparatusĀ  known as home land security is for the general population.

Stewart Rhodes through his organization theĀ  “Oath Keepers” is trying to educate the public about the constitution and the concept of sovereignty.

The oath keepers are a growing order of law enforcement and ex military who want to honor the constitution and the oaths they have taken to protect the American Citizens both foreign but primarily domestic as they now see it .

Domestic, as in the ever growing , ever more intrusive federal government/military industrial/intelligence complex. See even the name for it is getting bigger.

Basically the message is that we the American people are sovereign and we need to wake up to the slow motion tyranny that we have allowed to grow up around us.

Now with that being said and with all the commotion going on , about how we have to get back to the constitution I have to ask you again to look at things from the perspective of infinite consciousness. In this infinite multi verse there is “Always” a deeper story.

Take a close look at the Constitution Con, its not good or bad its just part of the story, part of the game.

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Here is Stewart Rhodes , Oath Keeper Founder, explaining the Mission of the Oath Keepers , which is basically to never allow the Military or Law Enforcement to make war against the American People , and if Soldiers and Police are ordered to do so they must refuse and stand behind their Oath to the American People and the Constitution.

In this interview Stewart Rhodes, a favorite guest of the Alex Jones show is talking about the Globalist’s plan for ultimate control and domination. Hopefully with good patriots like Stewart we can turn tide by educating the sheeple before we all end up in the pen.

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