James Gilliland

James Gilliland came to my attention in early 2009 because of my personal encounter with objects we started seeing fly over our property.

Because of the nature of these objects we just started calling them Orbs because they appears as bright plasma like spheres of light that would come in slowly at very low altitudes.

These objects were clearly not in orbit and some appear to be only a couple thousand feet up perhaps. In this Orb Video that I took on the deck of our home in the Pacific Northwest you can clearly see this in not an object that you can easily classify, so we just fondly started calling them “orbs” .

After several weeks of watching these events in the summer of 2009 , I got on the internet and starting looking in you tube for others that might be experiencing this phenomenon and I came across James Gilliland.

James is also in the Pacific Northwest in Washington state near Mount Adams, and has for over a decade experienced encounters with crafts of all sorts over his Eceti Ranch where many come to visit just for this purpose.

The visitations at his ranch aside I really like what James has to say regarding the changes that are occurring on this planet and in the evolution of human consciousness .

His Perspective is not fear based in nature and he has some very fascinating messages from the other beings on this planet that are participating in this grand awakening.

Check out the books below by James Gilliland !

Here Fox New’s Hannity goes to the ECETI ranch and actually films craft flying over the ranch , even the Fox camera crews and Hannity himself cannot identify what they are looking at , good stuff here.

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