Lisa Renee

Lisa Renee is someone I stumbled across while listening to James Gilliland and found her to be quite informative on the broad subject of the evolution of consciousness and the various subcategories like Ascension, the multidimensional universe, indigo children extraterrestrials and multidimensional beings.

She goes into great detail about how human consciousness has been hacked so to speak especially in regards to the astral plane.

She delves into the concept of multidimensional beings that have hijacked and used this dimension to keep human consciousness in a sort of recycle mode.

Souls caught in a repetitive cycle that is used like a power source for these multidimensional  beings that feed on our emotions and energies for their own gain.

And as we enter this final  phase of the cycle, as we awake to the reality of this, we can now make a conscious choice to put an end to it.

This is happening on an individual basis as well as a collective basis, and by no means does it rely on the collective. Each of us have a choice, a path we can choose, there is no limitation and now is the time to make that choice for ourselves.

Lisa explains there is nothing wrong with polarity, with experiencing a polarized existence, it is one type of experience. But for those of us that are ready to move on from that experience we will have the opportunity now to do so.

I have not watched a lot of Lisa Renee videos but from the few I have, I find her very well informed and much of what she talks about resonates extremely well with me personally.

This is a Brilliant Presentation of really empowering information from Lisa Renee!

Here is a great interview with Lisa Harrison where she gets into much of the subject matter I am referring to above.

In this video Lisa Renee gets into the ascension process and the Syrian Council that she calls the guardians. And the concept of us being the universe personified really gets explained rather well.

Here is an interview with James Gilliland and Lisa Renee.

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