Carmen Boulter

Carmen Boulter has done great work on unveiling the mysteries behind the Pyramids and the Ancient Egyptian culture, she is very awake as to what is going on in general on the planet.

Check out her work with The Pyramid Code , I think you will find it very interesting as she unveils the reality that most of the history we are taught in school is bogus. They say history is written by the victor, If that’s the case , then maybe we are only getting half the story.

Carmen Boulter is also very knowledgeable about the Mayan calendar and culture as well, and agrees with Carl Callemen findings that the Mayans were masters of time and the evolution of consciousness. As many are finding during this awakening process, we are not the most advanced race on this planet.

In fact the ancients civilizations and cultures on this planet were far more advanced than we are today from a consciousness perspective. We may have lots of toys and shiny things to play with , but we have lost the knowledge of what we are , and where we came from, which is vital when trying to understand where we are going.

Check out the books below by Carmen Boulter !

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