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One of the major paradigm shifts that needs to occur on this planet is new forms of energy and technologies that will allow us to wean ourselves off the dependency on fossil fuels,or(explosion based technology as some of us like to call it ) ,which is very destructive to the planet and creates a state of scarcity , fear , resource wars, and an Elite class who control and monopolize the whole show.

There have been many people over the last hundred years or so who have been on the cutting edge of new technologies that could free humanity from these energy kings , think Nikola Tesla and others , however there is a huge power based attached to these old technologies and when someone comes out with something new , they are summarily squashed into the ground and their discoveries and inventions are suppressed …never to see the light of day.

When corporations are making hundred of billions , trillions of dollars it makes it makes financial sense to spend billions squashing any and all competing technologies … profit and control is their god !

John Hutchison is part of this story , the battle between humanity and the control mechanism on the planet that seek to ..well control everything , especially technology that usurps the intrenched oil based economy that we currently have.

John has been working on a technology that creates an anti gravity effect through harmonics, sound , frequency. While most mainstream , university , tenured scientists look down on him becasue of his lack of formal training, his results speak for themselves and eventually caught the attention of the military industrial complex , who then began their campaign of taking over his research for their own agenda.

Many of the greatest discoveries came from the unorthodox mavericks working out of their house or garage , which makes absolute sense, they don’t have to follow the rules of society , like university or corporate scientist , who essentially become the puppets of corporations and governments.

John Hutchison’s work is part science and part magic, I could see him as a powerful magician in a past life , perhaps he is simply remembering technology that he used while building the great monolithic sitesaround the world in our ancient past.

Many researchers and some of the more open minded scientific community have come to believe that to build these huge structures of the ancient world a type of anti gravity technology was used to manipulate and move the massive stones around , some weighing hundreds of tons.

There is also evidence leading to harmonics and sound frequencies as the bases for the anti gravity technology and this is what John Hutchinson’s work is all about and why it has caught the interest of the powers that be, and why they have even gone as far as to steal John’s work , his lab and all his equipment leaving him with little recourse to pursue his work on the scale he once did .

This is the story John Hutchinson , one of the grandfathers so to speak of the modern , alternative energy , Free energy movement , there are others out there right now working towards freeing humanity from fossil fuels , scarcity and control .

It’s a battle that goes on everyday , and we appreciate John’s service to humanity here at Apocalypse How , John is showing the world that brilliance is not limited to the formally educated , and in fact it shows us that a large percentage of the university indoctrinated minds are taught what to think instead of how to think, which is why they hold on so rigidly to their outdated beliefs models and doctrine, which of course is a massive form of limitation, and only serves those who seek control.

As humanity awakens from it’s slumber it will be these mavericks , theses loners of society so to speak, who will bring us the new , fresh ideas , as they are unencumbered by societal restrictions.

Of course universe uses everything, while we see that fossil fuel technologies are primitive and allow an Elite class monopoly over the masses , is humanity really ready for zero point energy , have we evolved enough spiritually to put it to proper use … hmmm , there are aspects of humanity , of consciousness that have some work to do there for sure , however I think we are nearing that tipping point, the time is coming for change , we are shifting !


Below is an excellent Video about Johns work , his life and the many pitfalls he has faced along his journey, he never gives up , he continues his work , albeit on a small scale , but he continues none the less , showing us that ultimately the human spirit will prevail over all adversities , we must evolve , this is what universe does… grow or die!





Below is very cool rap video that pretty much spells out the suppression of technology dilemma !



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