Paul Levy

Paul Levy is living evidence that there is a fine line between genius and insanity. Many of us who start on the path of unveiling the illusions often find ourselves questioning our own sanity. 

Fortunately for those of us who only recently set off on this path, we have had the internet to go out and find like minded people to listen to and find solace in the fact that we are not the only ones going through similar experiences.

Without the support system the internet has provided for the awakening process I can imagine it would be very easy to think I was going insane.

Even with the knowledge that I was not alone in my awakening process it still requires me to check myself to make sure I do not fall into the same old traps.

In an insane world , a sane person appears insane , that rings true more and more with every passing day as this apocalypse unfolds around us.

Paul Levy calls the insanity of the world “Wetiko” a type of virus that has infected the operating system so to speak and was acknowledged by early indigenous people all over the world.

In a sense those of us who are awakening to this act as the anti virus program meant to eradicate this virulent disease and return human beings back to unity consciousness.

I love Paul’s play on words “Awaken in The Dream ” which is essentially what is happening , when you start the awakening process you start to realize that what we call day time reality is more dream like than what we normally call dreaming.

We are essentially 7 billion beings sharing a collective , co-creative mass dream that we call the universe.

Check out the books below by Paul Levy !

Paul Levy describes his perspective on the “War on Consciousness” in this interview on red Ice Radio.

Here is Paul again more recently in Early 2012 talking about Wetiko.

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