Wayne Madsen

Wayne Madsen is one of the few journalist left in the District of Corruption that still had the stones to actually report what was going behind closed doors.

As we move through 2011 , Madsen says his “Sources are drying up faster than a puddle in the Sahara”. No big surprise there, as the control grid tightens, everyone becomes fearful and less inclined to open their mouth , sounds a lot like Nazi Germany.

All one has to do to see that  that we are in a growing police state is just look at the “Programming ” on Television.  Its all Cop shows , lawyer shows , shows about swat teams and its all made to appear very sexy.  Sexy people shooting Sexy people , this is today’s boob tube brainwashing.

Wayne Madsen is one of the few main stream journalist that tried to expose some of the corruption that makes up our political and military industrial underworld.

And his reward for all this , he claims he is being threatened by our current administration and has decided to leave the United States in an effort to post pone his trip to an early grave. Madsen says the Source of this information is very credible and I have to take it seriously”.

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In this most recent interview on the Alex Jones show Wayne Madsen tells Alex he is leaving the country after being threatened by the current administration.

Here Madsen is still getting threats and his colleagues are telling him to take it seriously. Primarily what the powers that be are annoyed about is Madsen’s reporting on the CIA’s life long connection to our commander in chief.

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