The Vortex Solar System , it sounds good, it seems to resonate. The more we explore the nature of nature, we can start to see the patterns that form, what science calls laws of nature.

And one distinct pattern that permeates everything is the vortex, we can see it every where. Just picture a Tornado , a Hurricane , a Galaxy , Its all there , the solar system is no different.

The Idea was first introduced to me by one of my favorite voices for the awakening “Nassim Haramein” . Nassim is a true scientist, someone who is not afraid to follow the data no matter where it takes him. He has no tenure to protect , no rigid belief system to defend.

And this has given him a very broad persepctive that really looks at the Big Picture with complete openness .

This subject of the Vortex Solar System is not a new concept , the brilliant American Artist, philosopher  Walter Russel was talking about this decades ago. So clearly its in our collective , another snapshot of reality buried by the social engineers.

In the short video below you will get an idea of what we are talking about. The awakening has brought the Vortex Solar System to the forefront again as we all expand our awareness. The patterns are coming back to us , we are Re-remembering what , who and where we are.


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