William Henry

I came across a new voice recently , William Henry, and I have to say I felt an Immediate Resonance with his perspective on things.

There are many voices out there who are moving beyond the local channel , the mass drama , the continuous soap opera being played out on planet earth.

As William says, “I don’t care what the Rockefellers are doing to the Rothschilds , It doesn’t change my life , it does nothing for me”.

In the early stages of ones awakening, yes it is very helpful to understand the game that’s being played and who the players are, although at some point you come to the realization that this is just the beginning of the process, a first step.

Sure you have questions and you want answers, and you want details and you want the big picture , and it is important to understand this environment we are in,so you can better navigate.

There is nothing right or wrong in “how” you awaken , but there does come a time, at least for me and many others, when you reach a point , when all of the the conspiracies, the drama , the dogma , just fades, it doesn’t really matter.

Yes everything exists , yes everything is happening , yes it is all happening right now , but all of it , “exists” within each of us, as fractals of “all that is” or universe, there is no out there.

So what now, what can you actually do about it. Nothing, all you can actually do is decide how you will react to it, how “you” will define it ,this is all part of the process of the unveiling, the Apocalypse,and its a good thing !

So how do you move on, knowing the big picture, do you allow it to bring you down , or do you see it as an opportunity for unprecedented growth and continued expansion into more of who you are.

Yes this process, many times, may “appear” as your worst nightmare, when it is actually leading us towards our greatest awakening, this is how it will empower you.

We are simply rediscovering ourselves, there is nothing to fear, this is what we do, we are masters , and this is a masters course , never forget that ,we plunge ourselves into the darkness so that we can work our way back towards the light, this is creation , this is exciting.

Beings through out the mulit verse are sitting back with popcorn in hand , watching us , watching the show , we are their blockbuster hit of the millennium, and we are the actors and the directors.

Below is a great Introductory to William Henry , he is being interviewed on Red Ice Radio and he talks about how each of us have the ability to travel throughout the universe “without” any of the stargate technology you see on the Sci Fi Channel.

Of course we don’t need any external devices ,we already have the most sophisticated technology in the universe , us , our “Human Bodies”, they are universe, all we need to do is go within, no props are needed, this is at the core of Williams message , his research , and I am totally with him on this.

Because this simple understanding empowers each of us and removes “any ” and “all” control mechanisms.

Check out all of William Henry’s books below!

Check out William Henry’s latest book here.

William has some great insights to share with us , so click on the video below and enjoy this positive approach to the Apocalypse.

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