Michael Talbot

When you start talking about the holographic universe , one of the voices that stands out from the chorus is Michael Talbot.

Although Michael is no longer with us , he left a body of work on the subject that is more relevant now , during this burgeoning awakening period of the 21st century, than it was perhaps during his lifetime.

As you explore the Nature of reality , the one thing that will keep popping up is the idea of the Holographic Universe , of course it is much more than an idea , it is an excellent way to illustrate how the universe works , the structure of existence , the architecture so to speak.

The basic premise of the holographic model is that ” Every Part Contains The Whole ” , which of course makes sense , if in fact there is only “one thing ” , one particle , one consciousness , in all of existence or all that is !

Michael’s work also reflects the idea that creation and the creator are not separate , in fact everything under the holographic model of the universe points to there being essentially just one thing, which is why it resonates with so many of us who are more unified in our energy , in our consciousness.

Understanding the Holographic nature of reality has a very important practical application , and it is simply this , when you know there is no separation between you and anyone else , or anything else for that matter , you can begin to understand what is meant when the mystics say we are all ” One”.

From this persepctive , it’s not about particles or people for that “matter” having instantaneous , faster than light communication , we are actually the same thing , the same being , having the experience of separation , so separation of any kind is just an illusion, so in as sense we are all just talking to ourselves,from different perspectives .

Which also supports the idea that we are each a universe unto ourselves , in other words we each contain the entire universe , and yes each of is also a unique separate universe, because we each have a unique separate perspective , however from a greater perspective , the difference is an illusion , because it’s really about perspective more so than actual differences.

When an ant is crawling up a tree , to the ant the tree is an entire universe , the ants experience of the tree is completely different than a humans , a birds, or a dogs , that being said the tree is fundamentally, structurally, the same , the tree doesn’t change , its all about persepctive , perception.

So the holographic persepctive of reality is an integrative, unifying way to perceive or explore reality , and of course integration and unification lead to greater expansion and more complexity , which lowers entropy and makes things more stable , less chaotic, less chaos in your personal reality sphere, hence the practical application.

There is a reason that many seek to find a ” Unifying Theory Of Everything ” , it’s becasue it’s our true nature , it is the Nature of Nature , and the only reason mainstream academia struggles with it is becasue of the control mechanisms in place that seek to mislead , polarize , segregate for the purpose of creating fear and uncertainty .

Michael was the author of several books such as Mysticism and the new Physics , Beyond the Quantum , Your Past Lives and of course The Holographic Universe.

Michael was also a student of theoretical physicists David Bohm’s work , both Michael Talbot and David Bohm passed in 1992 which seems an interesting coincidence , that is if you believe in such things.

Check out the books below by Michael Talbot !

Below is an excellent video series that will allow you to meet Michael Talbot and have a listen to this brilliant Voice of the Apocalypse.

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