James Corbett

James Corbett is a new breed of Independent Journalist that reports what is actually happening uncensored by the corporate media.

So of course he is not making millions with this endeavor , but he is getting enough support to make a living and stay alive for the time being.

His reporting of current events is refreshing because he is awake and well educated on the psyop that we call main stream media.

His style of reporting is based on what he calls “Open Source Intelligence” which basically means transparency, or the sharing of all info to all parties.

Wow , what a concept when compared to what you see on MSM which I would call theater for the most part with the plays being written and produced by the mega corporate media. And funded by , well you know , just follow the money!

Of course with his style of reporting , he is a favorite guest on the Alex Jones show where he routinely rips the sugar coating off the days stories and reveals the reality behind the madness, which of course I love.

Once your awake it is very painful to listen to anyone that isn’t awake with regards to world events , it’s like listening to chalk on a black board and I’m sure some of you know what I mean.

Here is James Corbett on Alex Jones unveiling the fantasy story of Bin Laden’s alleged demise. I’m sure it will make a great movie coming soon to theaters near you , I wonder who will play Bin Laden ?

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