Neil Kramer

I feel a real connection to the voice we call Neil Kramer, he is one of those people that feel like a kindred soul, not only are we on the same page, we are on the same sentence.

Neil is a writer , speaker and one of the new philosophers of our time in dealing with this Age of the Apocalypse .

His focus is on the development of self by learning the esoteric knowledge , and putting it into practical everyday use, which of course is why I resonate so much with his message, to me the most important aspect of awakening is putting it to use. What I call completing the circuit.

Neil also addresses alchemy,esoteric/alternative world history and ancient indigenous traditions.

Throw in that English accent and a sharp and articulate mind and you have the perfect voice to help awaken the populace out their slumber. All I can say is hurry Up !

Neil says “while the 3d self wanders around wondering what the hell is going on down here in this train wreck we call civilization” , the 4d self is saying chill out 3d self , I know its weird , but wouldn’t you rather have this shift , this Apocalypse unfolding than being stuck within this capitalist, military industrial nonsense for ever.

Well I know I sure would ,,and just understanding this ,and looking at things from Neil’s persepctive as the aware observer helps immensely.

So thank you Neil for all your hard work and dedication and taking the path seldom traveled and sharing you journey with us so that we may all benefit from your experience and wisdom gained in your “Unfoldment”

So let me pick out some Neil Kramer videos that will give you a taste of the genius of this entity and then you can go off on your own and explore more if this resonates with you as well.

Check out the books below by Neil Kramer !

One of my favorite topics” Cultural Conditioning ” is how society as we call it , that was developed by the social engineers, is just a whole crap load of programs meant to take away your power. Here is a more recent video in 2011, where Neil lays it all out for you so listen and learn my friends.

Here is Neil Kramer in late 2010 on Red Ice Radio again ,in this excellent Interview with Henrik Palmgren , I love Henrik!

Here is Neil on Red Ice Radio in 2008 where he discusses the increasing polarity of consciousness that many of us are experiencing.

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