Knowing is something beyond a belief , knowing comes from direct personal experience. If someone tells you the stove is hot , don’t touch it , you can “believe” them  , although unless you touch it yourself , you don’t “really ” know that it will burn you.

Knowing is the by product self discovery , believing is the by product of indoctrination.  We are all born into this system of indoctrination , we call it our culture , however as Terence Mckenna once said “culture is not our friend”.

What Terence meat by that statement is that  culture is a program , a program designed to dis empower the human spirit , designed to keep us at base level of consciousness , designed to keep infinite consciousness  in a box.

This is why it is so important to utilize our discernment as we go through this process of waking up , we have been in a slumber , a waking dream and as we begin to open our eyes it is very challenging to “Know ” what is truth and what is manipulation.

Currently,  a large percentage of the population , or the collective , understand , at least subconsciously, that knowledge carries with it a personal responsibility , which is why all of the belief systems ( religion, new age, politics, science, military,education … )  on the planet are so successful , no one wants to take responsibility for themselves , they want to remain spiritual infants , because believing what others tell us is a hell of a lot easier , it requires absolutely no self discovery .
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What is knowledge, and does knowledge have anything to do with transformation or the awakening process. I think first we have to define what we mean by knowledge, for the most part I think we can agree that what we commonly refer to as knowledge is really just experience.

In other words anything that we know or have knowledge of is something that we have experienced and when I say we I mean collectively as the human race.

And since knowledge is something that we have experienced, then knowledge is really rooted in the past. We can use knowledge in the present moment but it has its roots in the past.

So when you look at it from this perspective all the collective knowledge that mankind has accumulated for millennia is all based on the past, and since the human brain is in a sense a recorder of experiences, every moment of every day , we are viewing our reality from information that has its roots in the past, so in a sense, when we use our brain and thoughts, we are not really in the present moment.

To be in the present moment one almost needs to go beyond thinking towards  presence, one needs to become the witnessing presence, and in this state of being thought is simply a stream of data, or background noise, it no longer defines us , it no longer pulls us along.
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