Apocalypse How: Knowing Versus Believing


Knowing is something beyond a belief , knowing comes from direct personal experience. If someone tells you the stove is hot , don’t touch it , you can “believe” them  , although unless you touch it yourself , you don’t “really ” know that it will burn you.

Knowing is the by product self discovery , believing is the by product of indoctrination.  We are all born into this system of indoctrination , we call it our culture , however as Terence Mckenna once said “culture is not our friend”.

What Terence meat by that statement is that  culture is a program , a program designed to dis empower the human spirit , designed to keep us at base level of consciousness , designed to keep infinite consciousness  in a box.

This is why it is so important to utilize our discernment as we go through this process of waking up , we have been in a slumber , a waking dream and as we begin to open our eyes it is very challenging to “Know ” what is truth and what is manipulation.

Currently,  a large percentage of the population , or the collective , understand , at least subconsciously, that knowledge carries with it a personal responsibility , which is why all of the belief systems ( religion, new age, politics, science, military,education … )  on the planet are so successful , no one wants to take responsibility for themselves , they want to remain spiritual infants , because believing what others tell us is a hell of a lot easier , it requires absolutely no self discovery .

As long as people are willing to trade freedom  for security they will have neither , as long as they are willing to blindly believe what ever they are told , so they don’t have to think or go through the process of self discovery , then we will always have rulers and big daddy figures to fill the demand .

Knowing requires action , knowledge comes from doing ,by exploring, no matter where it takes you , good or bad, comfortable or uncomfortable ,  beliefs on the other hand are given to us by someone else , most of what people believe is simply what they have been told by others, by society, through indoctrination , so people choose or shop for beliefs that make them feel good or that fit their world view .

However there are universal laws , universal truths that do not require someones belief to exist, these universal laws are not belief systems , they are the way universe works , they do not require anyone’s belief to exist, they exists outside of belief constructs .

Take our world view for example , much of our world view  comes from the propaganda being rammed down our throats on a daily basis , but how much of it is actually the truth , we don’t know, we can’t know , becasue for the most part we have no personal experience of it , so we either believe it becasue it’s easier to let someone else tell us what is real or we go through the process of self discovery and research and discernment … in other words “we” take the responsibility in determining  what is real , what is truth for ourselves, we act as a sovereign, we are self ruled and we act in harmony with the universal laws.

So ask yourself each day , what do you really know , from personal experience , through inner self discovery and compare that to what your beliefs are , are they in alignment , probably not , so much of what we are told , so many of our beliefs are not in alignment with these natural or universal laws , which is why we have so much chaos in the world.

So the best way that we as individuals can have an impact on our collective reality is to become knowers , instead of believers !  Lets quit blindly following and believing in systems that do not serve us, that do not move us towards expansion , growth and unity.

Lets take responsibility and  do the work !  Lets get off our individual and collective asses and take a hard look in the mirror , we are the ones creating this consensus reality , so are we going to simply follow the beliefs of those that seek to control and dis empower, or , are we going to educate ourselves ,do the inner or shadow work so that we can have direct knowing , which will allow us to take the “RIGHT  ACTION ” in creating a more unified , balanced , holistic individual and collective experience.

Let us regain our sovereign nature and become the self leaders, the self rulers that we are and in doing so we will no longer need all of the beliefs that no longer serve us ,and we can consciously co create the world,  that we say , we actually want, you know like … peace , prosperity…FREEDOM!



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