Apocalypse How: Don’t Believe Anything , Believe Everything !

Dont Believe Anything , Believe Everything !

Unity consciousness is about inclusion , not exclusion , its about allowing everything expression.

So, when someone asks me what do I believe, I might tell them I don’t believe anything , or I can tell them I believe everything, either way it doesn’t really “matter”.

A belief is in a sense a limitation , granted we have to have some kind of beliefs , otherwise we could not have an experience at all , however if you limit yourself to a small set of beliefs , then your experience will be limited as well.

So the idea here is not that beliefs are good or bad, those are polarized concepts , it’s about living form the persepctive that everything is possible , not anything , but everything.

Some of course some will say that , not everything is possible , I can’t jump off a cliff and fly like a bird, and that is true within a very small fraction of reality , what we call the physical universe.

In this simulation this virtual reality we call the physical universe, yes we have the laws of nature such as gravity , and yes we as a collective have agreed to abide by these rules when we are playing the part of being “human”.

But we must remember, physical reality , as large as it appears to be , with all its planets, stars and galaxies , as near infinite as it seems , is still only a tiny fraction of all that is , and all we experience as physical beings is life on one tiny little planet within all of that.

So how can anyone go around believing any one thing , really. We should either believe in everything or nothing.

From this persepctive you can go about your day with no expectations and no limitations, also known as living in the moment.

So whats the benefit , whats the practical application of this concept, this perspective in our daily lives.

Well how about Expansion , expansion and more expansion of who and what you are. Synchronicity , in events that lead you towards you highest joy, your highest passion, and your highest abundance.

When you exists outside of rigid beliefs systems, higher self has a much greater ability in guiding you in these virtual reality systems we travel in, allow it to be your navigator, when navigating the Apocalypse.

I find it  very interesting how a large portion of the awakening or alternative community , still travel in very limited perspectives of reality. Yes there is all kinds of shenanigans goign on out there, Bankers, Politicians, Evil warlords, corrupted financial systems, hybrid bloodlines, ultra dimensional beings manipulating mankind.

All I have to say is get over it, yes it is part of the awakening process to understand the nature of the pecking order here on earth , and in our local cosmos , but if all we do is keep looking at , talking about, making videos about 911 and the Illuminati, the Anunnaki, then we are just documenting, we aren’t changing anything .

Its a process I know , and many people still need to go through it, however for those of us that have been down the rabbit whole and back I am suggesting that the next positive , logical step is to educate ourselves on how we are creating it , how its being created, and how we can go about changing the program , the simulation, this virtual reality , or at the very least get the most out of it while were here, not just walking around like a manipulated zombie.

So don’t just think of yourself as John or Jane , an office worker , sitting in a cubicle , in a building. Think of yourself as a multi dimensional being,  that has decided to allot a small aspect of itself to the earth game simulation , while the the rest of its “being” travels the highways and byways of the multiverse.

Ultimately we are pure source consciousness, that is capable of all types of experiences , and where ever that consciousness goes , energy flows in , to create , to energize, to manifest all manner of interesting and diverse experiences , that will enhance and expand it into more of who and what you are.

This is the power of  living outside of beliefs, outside of limitations, and this will carry over to your outer life ,your job , you friends , your family , your relationships   and as your life becomes more representative of living beyond beliefs , you will become a living template for others to see.

To use a metaphor from David Ike , physical reality is the movie screen , its a done deal , we are the projectors , and our state of being is the film, change your state of being , and you change movie , that’s the next step for many of us , lets change the film , becasue I’ve seen this movie already !

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