Virtual Reality Part .1

The concept of virtual realities is really starting to take center stage in the awakening discussion and we are not talking about video games, or fancy goggles, we are talking about our very existence , its about who , what and where we are , right now, in this moment.

As we dig deeper into the discussion of the nature of reality itself , the term “Virtual Reality” has become a common way to describe how the universe works, the structure of how we fit in, and ultimately how consciousness explores “all that is” .

As we expand our awareness, as we allow ourselves to become more of what we are, we start the process of breaking down the barriers, the constructs, the beliefs, that hamper our growth towards love, towards greater unification.

And as we become love, as we become unity , we no longer experience “realities”  in the same way, we start to move beyond belief systems , we come to the realization that there really is no “one”  true reality , “one” that we would call “The Reality”.

Because in reality , we are simply consciousness , and “all realities”  exist within us, were created by us,  or the “Larger Consciousnesses System,  that we are a subset or fractal of, what ever metaphor you want to use to describe all that is.

There is no out there , we create reality , we create virtual realities so  that we can have experiences ,  of all types, this is how we learn , how we grow, adversity is the greatest tool, which is why life is challenging for most of us.

All realities are just as real as any other , and all,  are virtual from this perspective !

Virtual realities are very much like simulations,  in that there are rules and limitations, what we call the  “laws of nature” , this is what gives a reality a framework , a reliable backdrop , for consciousness to explore and experience.

If it were an everything goes reality, then it would be nearly impossible for growth , it would be more like chaos, so there needs to be a balance between the set of rules that hold a collective experience together,  and still have free will within those parameters , and this is all created and manufactured by the Larger system, for our use, it’s a learning lab.

Within a learning environment , we can  gain traction, we can move forward , to hone our perceptions , to increase complexities , which lowers our entropy, which ensures the  survival of a given system or reality , this is the evolution of consciousness that people like Carl Calleman and many others talk about in regards to the Mayan culture  .

If a virtual reality is based on fear and is full of chaos , then it will have a much higher rate of entropy, it will collapse upon itself due to it’s lack of integrity, we can see this occurring within certain systems here , like our financial system , our political system.

Many of these systems or programs that have been running no longer serve us and will by necessity collapse , its a good thing, when people talk about the collapse of our current economic and political systems , I see that as a positive thing and part of a natural evolutionary process, “Not The End Of The World”

It’s simply the end of the world as we know it, that is what the Apocalypse is all about.

When you live life from this perspective things will really start to open up , realizing that you are infinite consciousness, participating in highly complex virtual realities will act as a catalyst and allow you move beyond the “victim mode ” that many people find themselves in during the early stages of the awakening process.

For example when we die , when we leave the physical body , where do we go , where does our consciousness go,  ,is that the “Real Reality” .

My instinct tells me that it’s not, it’s just another reality frame work , another vantage point , another persepctive , and the life we just lived will start to fade , not unlike the way a dream fades upon awakening , I know this from  experience , I have had what I would call awakening dreams.

And when I was  in those reality frameworks I felt much more alive, more awake , and the so called physical world , seemed dream like , slow , dense, conversely many of us will also have dreams , experiences in other realities that seem more dense than physicality, vibrationally  slower so to speak .

These are the  dreams where you can’t move , or you keep repeating the same thing over and over and you just want to wake up , and when you do you feel very sluggish , as if your still operating at the lower vibrational speed.

And that’s all right , it’s all good , it”s all real , as real as anything is empirically , and it’s all about growth and learning , it’s wondrous , we are consciousness navigating within ourselves , within the houses that we build , this is what we do.

So how does understanding this help us , what is the practical application as I like to say, well join me for part two and we will explore that idea and how it works for me in my daily life among my fellow fractals.

For more on this concept check out the video below by Tom Campbell , I find his ability to articulate this concept of “Virtual Realities” very beneficial to our awakening process.

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