Dr. Gary Michael Vasey

I would like to take the time here , to share with you another voice who is working to redefine The Apocalypse , Dr. Gary Michael Vasey . Gary describes himself as an Author , Poet and Mystic , quite a powerful combination of skill sets if you ask me , so we are very blessed to have him here with us , in this grand experiment we call life , physicality , the grand dream .

As each day passes universe continues to support and reflect back to me a version of reality that is in resonance with my beliefs , definitions and state of being.

However nothing is more beautiful or powerful as when that reflection is in the form of another ” Being” , another aspect of myself if you will , since in reality , there is really only one being , experiencing itself as the many.

When I cam across Dr. Vasey’s work , I immediately knew him as a kindred soul , a counterpart , someone with whom there is a lot resonance , this is the “magic” of the Internet , it is the ” Digital Consciousness” of humankind, it is helping to bring everything into the present moment , where time and space are irrelevant , there is only information , consciousness .

Gary’s work focuses on many topics within the genre of the awakening process and the nature of reality , such as Magic , The Occult and Quantum Physics , with the main theme being that “we” are creating the reality around us, there is no out there , everything is happening “within our consciousnesses ” !

It is a theme that is resonating throughout the collective as we re- awaken and re- remember who and what we are , we are individuated fractals of all that is , with the same inherent properties as “all that is ” there is no separation between the creator and creation and all of these ideas and concepts come out in Gary’s work which is why his work is so vital and important to me and others who are in search of answers in this awakening process.

Gary’s latest book “The Last Observer” is where I first got a taste of his creativity , his beautiful mind so to speak , it’s a story written for those who love a good thriller that is not only entertaining , but also rich with insights into who and what we are as Co Creative “beings” , the story helps to illustrate that we are so full of power and magic , and as we acknowledging this , as we become ” Conscious Creators ” of our collective and individual universes,we are “literally” changing the universe around us !

The Last Observer is the classic battle between darkness and light ,good and evil and the biggest revelation of all is that it’s all happening within our consciousness , there is no out there !

Along with the many books he’s written , such as “Inner Journeys” and “Weird Tales” to name a couple , he also has two excellent websites that he frequently updates with his unique perspective , his favorite subject matter … and mine of course , there is no coincidence that I am drawn to his work, it’s simply universe reflecting back to me !

So check out Asteroth’s Domain , where Gary explores all things Esoteric , and his other website ” The Wacky World of Dr. Vasey ” where you can find him writing about the Nature of Reality and all things in between !

So thank you Gary for all that you do , and welcome to the Apocalypse How Family of Voices , that are all singing and resonating in chorus , that says we are here , we are one !

Check out the books below by Dr. Gary Michael Vasey !

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