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When it comes to the topic of Free Energy Sterling Allan is someone who has spent years following the developments in this field and has collected valuable data to give us the pulse so to speak on this very important topic.

I have always said that until we have Free energy we will never be free, of course that statement leaves out a lot of detail that must be explored to interpret what I am saying, it’s not a black and white issue , of course nothing is.

I agree with Sterling’s persepctive as to why we don’t have these technologies in play right now ,essentially we don’t deserve them!

I know that’s not going to sit well with most of the awakened population out there , there is the popular opinion in the alternative community , that humanity is in a sense a victim of manipulation by an elite class that have thwarted any and all attempts of the release of technologies that would free us from explosion based technologies like the internal combustion engine and fossil fuels.

Most people by now have heard the story of JP Morgan and his destruction of Tesla’s reputation and his technologies that could have changed the course of history. The suppression of humanity freeing technology is the primary theme of the whole Free Energy conspiracy genre.

However as Sterling Allan suggests it’s probably a bit more complicated than that, and to that I agree, mainly becasue I’m not falling for the victim mode here or anywhere for that matter, universe uses everything and from a greater persepctive , everything unfolds as it should.

Sterling is suggesting that until we evolve , we aren’t ready for some of the more exotic types of free energy like Zero Point, or cold fusion, the reason of course would be our misuse of it , while many humans are awakening , there are unfortunately those who are not , those who are completely identified with ego and control and manipulation.

So here we are still using 100 year old technology to power our civilization, becasue in reality , the collective as a whole is not mature enough for that type of power, remember Atlantis … awe … nothing new under the sun ,the same dramas plays out , universe is cyclical in nature , we are simply the latest fad.

So until we have a global awakening , we won’t see a global revolution in energy , however like everything it seems , baby steps , and there are some interesting over unity devices that Sterling says are perhaps weeks away from being put on the market.

We shall see, so check out Sterling in the Video below and get to know him and let him share with you the insights into the world of “Free Energy ” !



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