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In a ” Sacred Economy ” “work becomes the expression of our gifts ” , this is the message from Charles Eisenstein , a reluctant Yale graduate , university educated, but not indoctrinated.

We all know that our economic system is in need of a dramatic over haul , or more likely complete change , we can’t go on the way we are indefinitely , we are at a precipice , we can either learn to fly , or crash and burn , either way , universe is pushing us towards the edge.

Of course “we” have to change as well , we are the economic system , it’s up to us , yes we were all born into the current system that we have , which has been around for a very long time , however now that we are awake , we are understanding more each day where we came from , how we got here , which empowers us to take responsibility in creating a “More Beautiful World ” as Charles says .

Like many of us Charles has gone through radical transformation in the last few years , we woke up one day and asked , what am I doing , I’m not happy with my work , it’s not my passion , I am simply working to pay for all of things I have accumulated , I have become a slave , my possessions now possess me !

For many, the American Dream has turned into a nightmare , a self created prison of our own design and construction. There has to be a better way , and this is the journey Charles and many others are now on , exploring ideas, and ways to change the current economic paradigm , from a parasitic system to a more sacred , symbiotic system.

Many of us have already passed though this phase of destruction , the dark night of soul , where old beliefs that no longer serves us are being expelled , to be replaced with beliefs and definitions that empower us , and serve to unify us with the universe itself and it’s infinite source of abundance .

The question now becomes how do we tap into that infinite source from a global economic perspective , yes its great to say we have infinite abundance, however the current system we have is in decay and depends heavily on finite resources , so we have to find ways to survive during this transition while at the same time come up with new systems to replace the old ones when they finally do collapse, this is the area that Charles Eisenstein is exploring , what he is calling “Sacred Economics” , I love that name !.

I only recently stumbled upon Charles as I was researching ideas about economics and new ways we as humans can thrive, interact, barter , trade , share services , enjoy commerce , all in a way that would be in harmony with mother earth and each other , and allow us to find more fulfilling work and more joy filled lives.

Charles has an excellent understanding of our current monetary system and how our current money system has the idea of “scarcity ” built into it , and how in a sense money is a form of alchemy or magic if you will , and if you are one of the high priests of this magic , this religion , you wield incredible power over the lives of other people , this is all coming form a Yale graduate ,you know , the home of skull and bones, which is refreshing , its showing us that the old systems are loosing their luster , their allure , and the brilliant minds we need to make these changes in our society are moving in the right direction, and are not simply in it for money and power!

Of course the most important perspective that needs to change to create a more sacred economy is to recognize the absolute absurdity of the infinite growth model , the only way our current system can survive is through perpetual growth , which translates into the raping and pillaging of the planet for anything that can be turned into a product and sold , our current economic system turns nature into a commodity ,the entire planet is one big corporation and everything on it has become a product, including us , the humans , of course this is unsustainable and lacks integrity and is why it will collapse.

In the video below Charles talks about his ideas on ” Sacred Economics ” and makes some brilliant points that really illustrate how humanity has been conditioned to believe that everything has to be earned , however intuitively we all know life is a “gift” from the air we breath, the food that grows, the water we drink , the sun that fills our skies , those are gifts from creation itself , and ultimately we are creation , we are universe , so why are running around competing with each other.

Check out the books below by Charles Eisenstein !

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