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What On Earth is Happening ! Well that is a very good question , and if you want some very good answers , you should check out Mark Passio , he is at the forefront of exploring what many refer to as polarity consciousness.

Polarized human consciousness is the reason for so many of the fear based paradigms on this planet such as wars, religions, governments , and all of the hierarchical structures that create separation and keep humanity at each others throats, of course this polarity begins inside of each of us , we are polarized beings , our brain is literally split down the middle and this battle within us , manifests outwardly into the collective as chaos.

Mark’s Passio work focuses on unveiling how the human race has become so polarized ,it’s about right brain thinking versus left brain thinking , male energy versus female energy , and how through manipulation , we are kept locked in a state of polarized confusion , it’s truly the old divide and conquer scheme ad nausea , nothing new under the sun.

Many people in the awakening genre talk a lot about how there is too much male energy in the world , and that this is the reason for the wars and if women ruled the world there would be peace and harmony … hmm , not sure about that , I more of a middle path person my self , Balance is the key , and this is the main theme behind Marks work as well , which is why there is a lot of resonate.

Ultimately the integration of both male and female energy , of the right and the left brain, of creativity and action, boils down to what I define as unity consciousness , this is where the evolution of consciousness is taking us , of course in reality, we are just coming full circle here , universe is cyclical , and from a greater persepctive any actual division or evolution of consciousness is illusory although the experience of it is real , all that is, is already, all that is, but don’t let that take the fun out the journey !

What I love about Marks voice , his work , his passion ,his contribution to the discussion , is that he is trying to lay down the root cause of this polarized state , and then lead us towards solutions in dealing with it in the real world , what I refer to as the practical application !

So the idea is that the integration of these two energies will be necessary for us to resolve so many of the issues and challenges we are facing as a race , as a collective on this planet , so his work is to make us aware of the polarizing programs , and to then change the paradigm by taking a ” Holistic Whole Brained Approach ” as he calls it.

And I believe we are already in that process , otherwise we would not even be having this conversation . Mark talks a lot about the so called “New Age Movement ” that it is at one extreme of the polarity , and that many of the jumbled philosophies, tenants, ideas , programs of the New Agers are designed to be attractive to the creative , right brain personalities ,to lure them in, and then disarm those that buy into it,by making them easy docile targets for the more left brained , male energy , action oriented persona.

So essentially we end up with one half of the population dominating the other half , while those who hold the real power over governments , media , industry, science, religion , can continue to rape and pillage the planet and the population at large while we fight each other , like I said it’s classic divide and conquer on a global consciousness scale , so in that sense it is a war on consciousness itself.

I really like Mark’s spirit when he talks about taking “The Right Kind Of Action” , CREATIVE / ACTION , not just blind action , not just ” orders from head quarters” kind of action , but action that comes from both sides of the coin, and only then will we really start to sort out , and manifest the things we say we want on this planet , you know things like , peace, prosperity , love, harmony , all the attributes of a unified humanity , a holistic humanity , and this is true for the individual as well , it would have to be before it could effect the collective.

So check out Mark’s work , he does an excellent job of articulating these issues and the solutions to this process that we are going through , that we need to go through as we move towards unity consciousness !

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