The idea that the earth is growing and expanding in size to me seems a completely natural concept and if you asked someone on the street they would probably agree.

I mean isn’t everything in a state of expansion, consciousness itself is in constant expansion so why not the planets and the stars.

Every living thing we know of grows, Earth is certainly a living thing, perhaps that’s the key, The social engineers don’t want us to think in those terms.

They don’t want us to think of the Earth as a living being.

Which is why we are taught in our public schools the concept of plate tectonics , where the continental plates are sliding around like butter in the skillet and are pushed under one another to formĀ  subduction zones.

Plate Tectonics isĀ  a complicated theory full of holes and much needed band aides to make the concept barely plausible, sound familiar, yes this is our modern academic mindset.

Of course it must be true , the concept has been around for 100 years and if its not correct then just about all of our current concept of reality would also be bogus. So lets just keep it like it is , lets not actually look at it for what it is . BS !

Well the game is up , this is the Apocalypse and the light is shining on every pile of BS that happens to be laying around.

All one has to do is just look at the evidence with an open heart and immediately you can see the Earth is growing , of course it is .

We all are , Everything is. But alas as usual , those with tenure at stake or funding to be lost simply tow the Corporate , University , Roman , Governmental industrial complex , Line ! And stick with Plate Tectonics. Kind of like the earth is Flat , yeah that lasted for quite a while.

The point here is that when you see the BS we have been taught all of our lives in our educational system , it will give you some understanding of the level manipulation that we have been under.

Look at the evidence yourself and come up with your own conclusion , that’s all I am saying, open your heart. If it resonates good , if it doesn’t that’s fine too.

Just watch the video below , its an introduction to the expanding earth , yes the Earth is growing and we love her. The simplest explanation usually is correct, making things complicated a product of ego, not the heart


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