We have all heard the term “Free Energy” over the last 20- 30 years and yet , here we are still paying for energy.  What does free energy even mean.

Any device that could potentially generate this so called Free Energy , would not  be free.

The companies doing the research and building the prototypes and bringing them to market , must show a profit at some point , they are all ruled by profit.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with fair exchange and profiting from your hard work , we just need to come up with another name for it . Perhaps , “Alternative Energy” is the more accurate term we hear these days.

It would be a major paradigm shift to have a zero point energy device on the market , most of us would jump at the opportunity to buy one , becasue it would free us is so many ways.

Having experienced life during power outages like many of us have , especially this year , it is crystal clear how vulnerable our power grid is to all sorts of natural and man made events.
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The concept of “Free Energy” is talked about a lot in the awakening movement becasue of its potential to set us free from the ruling oligarchy that have us dependent on the finite resources of oil.

Our entire civilization is based on oil , its what has allowed us to grow our population to near 7 billion people on this planet, so what happens when it runs out , we shall see , because it will …eventually… so we are told.

One of the best examples of a potential free energy was invented by Tesla , and of course most of us in the awakening community are familiar the story of how JP Morgan destroyed Tesla Financially and his dream of providing the world with abundant energy.

This seems to be the pattern , technologies that could provide humanity with clean , abundant energy , never make it to the market place always thwarted by the bankers and their minions .

So here we are living in a universe of infinite resource , completely reliant on a finite energy source controlled by just a hand full of people , sound familiar, this is the mother of all control mechanisms.
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